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8/15/2020 - 00:05  EST

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   - Olympics YMix Gold Medallist
  rinran69 - Hearts SHarbor TOC Champion
  lowmankiller - Eliter of the month
  real6bonz - HEARTY Player of the month
  outlawneon76 - Hearts SHarbor PAT Champion
  pompey68uk - Hearts SHarbor BCT Champion
  real6bonz - Olympics YMix Gold Medallist
  real6bonz - Hearts SHarbor TOC Champion
  adclerk2001 - Olympics YMix Gold Medallist
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ID Time League TDirector Type Teams Fees Bonus
 Saturday, August 15, 2020
8016400  00:15 BackgammonBlooPansySE  D  All 01x1  SS  R100
8016401  00:15 CanastaBlooPansySE  D  Prem 01x1  SS  R1000
8016402  00:15 CribbageBlooPansySE  D  Prem 01x1  SS  R250
8016403  00:15 DominoesBlooPansySE  D  Prem 01x1  SS  R500
8016404  00:15 EuchreBlooPansySE  D  Prem 01x1  SS  R500
8016405  00:15 Gin RummyBlooPansySE  D  All 01x1  SS  R100
8016406  00:15 HeartsBlooPansySE  D  All 01x1  SS  R100
8016407  00:15 SpadesBlooPansySE  D  All 01x1  SS  R100
7993543  12:00 Heartsoutlawneon76SE  D  BCT 21x1  SS250
 Sunday, August 16, 2020
8014610  12:00 Heartsreal6bonzSE  D  MS1x1  SS  R250
7993545  13:00 BackgammonMagicLagerSE  D  BCT 11x1  SS250
7993546  17:00 Dominoesreal6bonzSE  D  BCT 11x1  SS250
7993547  19:00 Canastalollipop1960caSE  D  BCT 01x1  SS250
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