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Eliters is a Fun and Family League, No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering.
10/25/2014 - 23:35  EST

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   This Weekend - Player Appreciation Tourneys (PAT) 10/24/2014

Eliters thank you for your loyalty and proudly presents the Players Appreciation Tourney this Weekend starting Saturday, October 25, 2014

If you played 18+ Tourneys in September in a specific League, you are invited to participate in the PAT Event for that League!
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  yeslinandryan - No Limit Holdem Pogo MDC Champion
  tenn_style42 - No Limit Holdem Pogo SCUP Champion
  letsbustanil - Canasta SHarbor PAT Champion
  drsally3 - Cribbage Pogo PAT Champion
  tenn_style42 - Hearts SHarbor PAT Champion
  lazyzee - Spades Pogo BOS Champion
  velveteen524 - Spades Pogo BOS Champion
  diablo_1959_2000 - Hearts SHarbor Decathlon Champion
  pennhillssoccer1 - Pool Pogo Decathlon Champion
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ID Time League TDirector Type Teams Fees Bonus
 Saturday, October 25, 2014
5481692  22:30 Bowlingrigelo2AA  D  All (0)1xN  SS  R100
5435372  23:30 Bowlingrigelo2SE  D  All (0)1x1  SS  R100200
5481695  23:30 Bowlingrigelo2AA  D  All (1)1xN  SS  R100
5482838  23:30 CanastaSlamDoc21SE  D  Mara (1)1x1  SS  R75
5482910  23:45 BackgammonlazyzeeSE  D  All (0)1x1  SS  R75
5482911  23:45 BowlinglazyzeeSE  D  Prem (0)1x1  SS  R150
5482839  23:45 CanastaSlamDoc21SE  D  Mara (1)1x1  SS  R75
5482912  23:45 CribbagelazyzeeSE  D  Prem (0)1x1  SS  R150
5482913  23:45 CribbagelazyzeeSE  D  Mara (2)1x1  SS  R50
5482914  23:45 YahtzeelazyzeeSE  D  All (0)1x1  SS  R75
5482915  23:45 DominoeslazyzeeSE  D  All (0)1x1  SS  R100
5482916  23:45 EuchrelazyzeeSE  D  Mara (0)2x2  SS  R50
5482917  23:45 EuchrelazyzeeSE  D  Prem (0)2x2  SS  R150
5482918  23:45 Gin RummylazyzeeSE  D  Prem (0)1x1  SS  R150
5482919  23:45 Gin RummylazyzeeSE  D  All (0)1x1  SS  R100
5482920  23:45 HeartslazyzeeSE  D  All (0)1x1  SS  R100
5482921  23:45 No Limit HoldemlazyzeeSE  D  All (0)1x1  SS  R75
5482922  23:45 PinochlelazyzeeSE  D  Prem (0)2x2  SS  R250
5482923  23:45 PoollazyzeeSE  D  All (0)1x1  SS  R100
5482924  23:45 SpadeslazyzeeSE  D  All (0)2x2  SS  R75
5482925  23:45 SpadeslazyzeeSE  D  All (0)2x2  SS  R75
 Sunday, October 26, 2014
5435494  00:00 Bowlingrigelo2DE  D  Prem1x1  SS  R250400
5435527  00:00 Bowlingrigelo2SE  D  Mara1x1  SS  R75
5435531  00:15 Bowlingrigelo2SE  D  Mara1x1  SS  R75
5435533  00:30 Bowlingrigelo2SE  D  Mara1x1  SS  R75
5435535  00:45 Bowlingrigelo2SE  D  Mara1x1  SS  R75
5435537  01:00 Bowlingrigelo2SE  D  Mara1x1  SS  R75
5435539  01:15 Bowlingrigelo2SE  D  Mara1x1  SS  R75
5435542  01:30 Bowlingrigelo2SE  D  Mara1x1  SS  R75
5435543  01:45 Bowlingrigelo2SE  D  Mara1x1  SS  R75
5464547  10:45 CanastaSlamDoc21SE  D  Prem1x1  SS  R150
5405997  14:00 Dominoesjustarush_tdSE  D  PAT (0)1x1  SS  R100
5472470  15:00 Bowlingangiendave84SE  D  Mara1x1  SS  R75
5405998  15:00 Euchreangiendave84SE  D  PAT (0)2x2  SS  R100
5466606  15:00 Euchrelstreat2000SE  D  Prem2x2  PS250
5472471  15:15 Bowlingangiendave84SE  D  Mara1x1  SS  R75
5466605  15:15 Euchrelstreat2000SE  D  All2x2  SS  Q100
5472472  15:30 Bowlingangiendave84SE  D  Mara1x1  SS  R75
5466607  15:30 Euchrelstreat2000SE  D  All2x2  SS  R100
5472473  15:45 Bowlingangiendave84SE  D  Mara1x1  SS  R75
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