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Eliters is a Fun and Family League, No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering.
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6/25/2016 - 06:23  EST

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Club Subject Member Date/Time
363047mainThis Weekend: Player Appreciation Tourneys (PAT)balouza6/24 00:17
363046heartyRe: HEARTY MIT - June 2016 Results - 0750 YEPs Prizespompey68uk6/23 17:24
363045euchpEUCHP- Player Appreciation Tourney (PAT)angiendave846/23 15:51
363044heartyHEARTY MIT - June 2016 Results - 0750 YEPs Prizesoutlawneon766/23 14:39
363043mainGINP Game Badge - Starting 7/10/2016robehin86/23 14:18
363042ginpGINP Game Badge - Starting 7/10/2016robehin86/23 14:18
363041heartyHEARTY- Monthly Invitation Tourney (MIT)rudyval6/23 09:29
363039mainWonderful Marathons This Weekendbalouza6/23 00:28
363038holdempHOLDEMP- Player Appreciation Tourney (PAT)bdddy31836/22 18:38
363036euchpEliters Euchre Pogo International Championship, starting July 1, 2016angiendave846/22 00:28
363035mainEliters Euchre Pogo International Championship, starting July 1, 2016angiendave846/22 00:28
363033main06/2016 Pogo Olympics Champions - 874.8 YEPs Bonusesbalouza6/20 03:27
363032mainUpgrade to Premium Membership and get Huge Benefitsbalouza6/20 00:27
363031ginyGINY BCT - June 2016 Results - 1640 YEPs Prizesadclerk20016/19 19:36
363030spadyRe: Sure do....EcSEriK6/19 07:54
363029mainDecathlons this week .. Win BIG YEPs!!balouza6/19 06:26
363028mainActivity Bonuses Awarded Last Weekbalouza6/19 03:26
363025bgyBGY BCT - June 2016 Results - 1196 YEPs Prizeselitersummer6/18 22:16
363024ginyGINY Decathlon - June 2016 - Bonus 500 YEPsadclerk20016/18 20:04
363023heartyHEARTY BCT - June 2016 Results - 1512 YEPs Prizesnightroneilnz6/18 15:58
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