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1/22/2019 - 02:13  EST

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Re: Stuffing/Dressings x0xLuxyx0x 11/11/2006 12:54

In the south(or at least around here in Georgia) stuffing comes from a box(Stove-top) and is not suitable for any meal at Thanksgiving, Christmas or what have ya(LOL). Where I'm from stuffing is basically what you described as being "cubed" bread, where as Dressing on the other hand is more like a "casserole" type dish.

Southern dressing (My way, and sorry gramma didn't teach me to measure):

First thing first, get a big bowl, add enough Buttermilk cornbread mix to do what you'd typically do 2 skillets of regular cornbread go ahead and make it like you are making the cornbread(adding the egg, oil, buttermilk etc), to this I add chopped onions, celery, salt & pepper to taste, and last but not least "poultry seasoning". Some add chopped green bell pepper and/or other things, but not in my house, they'd throw it at me!

How much of these ingredients you add is up to you, I prefer at least 3 cups of celery(I want it visible and plentiful, cuz I've tried it without and it's not the same), At least 1 large or 2 medium onion. I chop all of these fairly small, but not to small they disappear when cooking, I just choose not to bite into my dressing and get nothing but a piece of onion or celery(LOL)

Once ya got it all combined in large bowl good, pour into a greased baking dish. I use a large glass casserole dish works great. Bake it at 400 degrees until you can insert a toothpick or butterknife in center and it comes out clean, sometimes if a bit on the "almost there" stage meaning 5 or 10 more minutes will do it, I'll go ahead and pull out of oven, let cool, cuz while it's cooling it will finish baking on its own. If not, won't matter much cuz ya ain't done with it yet.

Once its cooled enough to handle or if you are like me and wanna get it going... Dump all this back into that big bowl you had earlier, make sure you got plenty of room for more to be added. This is the best time to see if you have it tasting like "dressing" - while its cooling - take a taste, it may need more salt, pepper, or seasoning - add it when ya do next step, won't hurt a thang....

Get that turkey outta the oven or open some Swanson's Chicken(or Turkey) broth and pour at least 2 cans in. Some tell me not to use just broth cuz of the "fats" in it and use at least one can of water per can of broth, but I find that yucky. I personally add the broth and mix up trying to liquify the cornbread back to the point it was prior to cooking. Once you've got it all good and saturated and looking like it's yet to be cooked, pour it back in that baking dish and cook it again til its done. This time make sure ya toothpick or butterknife comes out clean, cuz ya gonna eat it now!!

This is good enough I personally can eat it cold the day after..yummyyyy.

Will serve with Giblet Gravy and Cranberry sauce on side for those choosing to have that, but not me! LOL

Yeah, I know yer prolly sayin "huh, what did she just tell me to do?" but I was taught by gramma and well gramma just has her own way of doin it... but I'll post soon MY version of Sweet Potatoe souffle that goes over GREAT! in our family.

Anywho- enjoy, I'll be back later with some of MY Favorites, just don't tell Sunny - cuz she'd have a heartattack knowing I feedin the whole Fire Department again!


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