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2/21/2019 - 22:26  EST

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Asparagus Casserole x0xLuxyx0x 11/17/2006 12:15

Now personally this is a food I could honestly do WITHOUT, but dad and hubby LOVE it. Really easy to make and usually serves them both a good helping for 2 meals.


2 cans of Asparagus, drained(Be really careful here as the aspargus is really tender and will fall apart or mush up and ya don't really want that)
1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup(can use Cream of Chicken or Celery too, cuz I don't buy Mushroom soup, YUCKY,lol)
1 sleeve of Ritz or any butter flavored crackers, Crushed not quite to a powder, leave somewhat still coarse but not enough to bite just a cracker piece(ritz just taste better to me)
5 boiled eggs, cooled and peeled and sliced into 1/4 inch slices(Doesn't have to be precise, if ya got one of those fancy egg slicers thats what I use, works GREAT)
2 cups shredded cheese, I use cheddar but I'm sure you could use your favorite flavor
Salt & pepper to taste

Now the assembly:

Spray a casserole dish with your cooking spray or grease appropriately for "Sticking purposes"(13x9 - usually works well)

Add the ingredients below as layers until you run out. Usually for me its about two layers.

1st: Half of the asparagus
2nd: 1/3 of the Cheese
3rd: 1/2 of the Cream Soup
4th: about 1/2 of the Cracker crumbs
5th: about 1/2 of the Egg slices across the center lengthwise ONLY - do NOT cover the entire asparagus with eggs
6th: Salt & Pepper to taste

Repeat 1 more time use the last 1/3 of the cheese to put a final topping on it. It's gonna look messy, nasty(If ya like me and hate this veggie) but the taste according to hubby/dad is just awesome!

Once you've got it all layered up - put in oven set on 350 degrees for about 45 minutes to and hour. Depending on how your oven temperatures are you may want to adjust baking times accordingly. Baking will allow all the cheese to melt and everything heat up thoroughly. The asparagus is cooked already when you buy it in a can, as well as the soup, so there's no need to "recook" it just warm completely and allow cheese to do its thing and blend it all together.


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