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5/19/2019 - 09:35  EST

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Mac & Cheese x0xLuxyx0x 11/27/2006 00:48

Ok, not the typical recipe that I prefer but this is my mother in laws version and the rest of hubby's familys version of Mac & Cheese. Personally - I don't care for it, but if thats what he wants - thats what he gets...

Boil elbow noodles(I use about 1/3 to a tad over that of a LARGE box-largest box Muellers makes) with salt to taste cuz noodles are BLAH if no salt added, cook until desired doneness(don't boil til mushy like I've done in past not watching them - you want them to still hold thier shape and not stick together)

While noodles are boiling get out a block of cheddar cheese(I use about 1 - 1 1/2 pounds of sharp cheddar), cube it up in bite size pieces(bout 1/2" square -doesn't have to be perfect)

In a seperate bowl - beat 4 eggs and for now 1 can of Carnation(any brand will work) evaporated milk(NOT CONDENSED MILK OR REGULAR MILK)

Once noodles are done- drain thoroughly and add to a large "soup" pot with a non-stick surface that has been sprayed thorougly to prevent an over amount of sticking.

Mix in cubed cheese. Add more or less - I find the more the better. It may look like an abundance of cheese when doing it this way - but trust me - its best if ya got plenty in there.

Pour the egg/milk mixture over the noodles/cheese until it barely reaches the top of the noodles/cheese, you don't want it totally covering this, but you want it high enough so the top doesn't "Dry" out, while cooking.

Place the pot back on the stove -put the lid on it - turn on medium heat until it begins to show signs of "boiling" - once its reached this stage - turn down to low - but not so low that it won't cook - On my stove I put it to about a 2 1/2 setting kinda in between low & medium. Let it cook until you can insert a fort in the middle and pull apart a section and see no "milky" liquid. Besides knowing "when" it's officially done - the hardest part of this is "DO NOT STIR AT ALL!!!!! It's taken me like forever to get this recipe down to where I get it done and don't stir so don't think you'll get it first try - no one ever does.

The test comes after all is said and done - I find it turned out best if the bottom isn't totally "BURNT" - LOL - No you won't eat the very bottom as it will be BROWNED quite nicely - and sometimes almost to the "burnt" stage - but that is typical even with the mother in law cooking it - I've actually done this enough now that I lose very little of this at the bottom and noooo I still don't stir it. It takes about 2-3 hours to cook it if done correctly - painful project for just some homemade mac & cheese - guess thats why I hate cooking it, other than the fact I can't "NOT" stir something thats cooking.

Anywho - Enjoy!

I'll dig up some other things I've made if I can find time and energy and remember them =)


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