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12/14/2018 - 13:21  EST

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Re: Plz Help My Puter MoodyrBlue 9/17/2004 13:58

Here is a more complete manual uninstall of Personal FireWall Plus:

Manual Uninstall of Personal Firewall/Plus

1. Boot into Safe Mode.
Shut down the computer (turn it off).
Wait 20 seconds.
Turn on the computer and immediately press the F8 key on the keyboard, once every second.
Note: If you get a keyboard error, press the F1 key and continue pressing the F8 key once every second.
The Windows Startup Menu appears. Select option #3 (Safe Mode).
Press the Enter key.
Note: This may take longer than a normal boot.
A dialog box confirms that Windows is in Safe Mode. Click OK.

2. Delete the Personal Firewall folders.
From the taskbar, click Start.
Click Run.
Type Explorer
Click OK.
Double-click My Computer.
Double-click C: drive.
Delete the MC?????.tmp folder(s), if present.
Note: ? = these could be numbers or letters.
From the C: drive, double-click Program Files.
Double-click McAfee.
If present, delete the Personal Firewall folder and MPF folder.

2. Perform a search on your C: drive for a file named STATUS.MPF and delete any instance found. This file will most likely be found in C:Windows\System or C:\Windows\System32, depending upon your operating system.

3. Backup the registry.
From the taskbar, click Start.
Click Run.
Type regedit and click OK.
The Registry Editor appears. From the menubar, click Registry.
Note: If using Windows XP, click File.
Click Export.
The Export Registry File dialog box appears. In the 'Save in' drop-down menu, select Desktop.
In the 'File Name' field, type backup.
In the 'Export range' section, select All.
Click Save.
Note: To restore the registry, double-click on the backup file you just created and follow the prompts. After completing all of these steps and verifying that everything is working properly, delete this file to avoid restoring the old registry.

4. Delete the registry keys.
Click the + next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
Click the + next to SOFTWARE.
Click the + next to McAfee.com.
Delete any instance of a Personal Firewall folder or MPF folder.
Click on the + next to Microsoft
Click on the + next to Windows
Click on the + next to Current Version
Click on the run folder to highlight it
On the right side delete the MPFExe file
Back on the left side click on the + next to uninstall
Scroll down and delete the Mcafee.com Personal FireWall Plus folder

5. Highlight my computer at the top and than click on edit.
Than click on Find and search for MpFireWall.sys and delete all reference
Close the Registry Editor.

6. Run a search on the C: drive for MpFireWall.sys as well and delete all reference if any.

7. Remove ActiveX components

Double Click My Computer
Double Click the C drive icon
Double Click the Windows folder (Note: This folder name may be WINNT for users with Windows 2000 or XP upgraded from 2000)
Double Click the Downloaded Program Files folder
Delete any McAfee ActiveX components (examples: McAfee.com Operating system class, McAfee Installer Class, McAfee TYP class, McAfee Tree class.)
Note: Browse the folder and if you see a component that you are unsure of what program it belongs to like long random names with numbers and letters, double click on it and look under the code base. If it's from Download.McAfee.com, then delete it.

8. Empty the recycle bin and restart the computer.

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