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9/19/2018 - 08:06  EST

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Re: EDS changes....stats SirIvanhoe2     6/30/2006 18:48

Thanks to those who replied seriously.

As to the stats showing a drop after the change, this is not true. The stats given up to 25/06/06 are week ending stats not week commencing!! This means the big drop which occurred in the week ending 15/01 is before the change to 11 point eds. The big drop occurred after the temporary increase due to people being of work near Xmas/New Year. The only thing which is obvious from the stats is that there has been a steady decrease in the number of tournaments over the last year. The only peaks have either been due to the marathon day often near the middle of the month, or the increase due to the holiday periods in the weeks near the end and start of the year.

As for the use of the cube at the beginning of each match to shorten the game, why would that be a good thing to do? Eds are longer games to bring skill to the fore. There is nothing worse than playing someone who doubles after only a roll or two then wins gammon, rather than promoting eds its those sort of games that makes eds frustrating and a waste of time. As I said in the previous post, longer matches against strong opponents, where the cube is used well, is what attracts players to bgy whilst a lack of them may bring some players back to eds but would they be as strong as those who have recently returned?

Eds can't change division size for one league? May I ask why? Eds is simply an all play all tourney, the td opens the tourney and then at the end of the period closes it. You pay your yeps and the winners get prizes. Can the tourney not be set with as many or few players as the league chooses. Eds in bg will always take longer than other leagues. I can play and enjoy a crib eds games in 20 mins. Any bg eds games that takes that long hasn't been a good game. Less players per division would free up players for longer point tourneys and make it easier for any struggling to finish their games, without decreasing the standard of play. The main problem with a 7 point match is that one cube followed by gammon and it's 4-0 after 1 game, the match is half over. A longer match allows for runs of luck for a few games without the whole match being over.

As for many players having stopped playing after the increase, is this so? The only time since that eds was not played in bgy was whilst the periods were 7 points (11/15/05 to 01/01/06). Yes some players have stopped playing eds, but then have not many players stopped playing tourneys. Are there any regular tourney players who stopped playing after the switch to 11 points? None come to mind.
Whilst for the eds to still be having enough players to start each period, new ones must have joined. The following strong players have all started playing eds since the switch to 11 points:- pjbn11, tosscube, jimbom2 and myself along with other new ones like BestKaloshi and lady_my_way. I would say that this is the first time in a long while that we have had a good % of the strong players playing regularly in eds. The tough nature of most eds periods reflects this. As for eds being harder to complete, the completion stats for eds are higher than before.

But the problem of players leaving remains. A look at the current top 10 in bgy shows that less than half the players with a rating of over 4000 play regularly in tournaments. A look at the group between 3000-4000 show even more old regulars have left, this can hardly be due to eds. When I first joined a little over a year ago, as the stats show, there were far more tourneys(and not 3 player ones!)
Hoping that changing eds will change this is probably in vain. Many players who are free to play eds(from ym requests) don't actually play in hots if no one responds to an eds request. The appeal of a 2 point tourney is not much different to 101 game. From 0000 to 1400 most weekdays the only ts on offer are 2 point hots. Whilst this continues to remain the case the number of tourneys each week will continue to remain low.


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