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1/23/2019 - 05:26  EST

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Re: EDS points lisaleasah      8/24/2006 00:07


We’ve watched the EDS point debate for a while now and players are quite vocal about what they want. I think we can all agree on one thing – we all want what is best for the league. We have players on each side of the point debate, and we’re trying to take everyone’s opinion into consideration, while still reaching out for the majority of our players. Is it worth letting EDS die in BG because we can’t all decide on an “acceptable” length for the matches?

The facts:
  • Before the Jan06 EDS Point change, we averaged 4.4 players per tourney. After the point change we averaged 3.9 players per tourney.

  • Before the Jan 06 EDS point change, we averaged 186 tourneys per week. After the point change, we averaged 109 tourneys per week.

  • Before the Jan 06 EDS point change, we averaged 22 players per EDS period. After the point change we averaged 17 players per period.

  • Can we prove that the point change caused our numbers to go down? No. But the numbers don’t lie. Things have changed and we’re trying to find some answers. Matches at 11 points take time to play. This is time spent away from family or jobs or even (selfishly) playing BG tourneys. We’ve all seen the arguments about the cube and if players truly weren’t afraid to use it as intended that the match time can decrease to that equaling a 5pt match. However, we know realistically that all of our players aren’t pros at using the cube and are still learning the game. They’re using these division matches to improve their game and play against (learn from) some of the best BG players in the league.

    Where is a middle ground to set these matches so that they’re challenging but yet the average player can play 9 matches in a 14-day period (and still have a life and participate in tourneys)? We’ve officially reduced the match points to 7; however, this is a starting point. You may decide to extend this with your opponent with no limit. This is simply a minimum match length if you and your opponent cannot agree on a length.

    Regarding the poll run a few months ago. It doesn’t add up exactly to 100% because the vote percentages were rounded up. But it still doesn’t change the fact that the 7pt choice received the most votes. Where are all these players who preferred 7pts? I don’t know. Where were all the players who said they wouldn’t play unless we increased it to 11pts several months ago?

    Won’t you work with us to rebuild this league to where we were and can be once again? The team is really trying to offer a variety of choices for all players. If we get our minds set on only participating if EDS is at 11 pots – what else are you missing out on? TDs will create tourneys for whatever points you want – provided we have players to support the tourneys. If you decide you cannot participate in EDS anymore and wish to withdraw from divisions all together, we will provide a refund of your subscription price as defined in Help Topic 2613.

    Thanks for your time. We hope to continue to see you at the tables.

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