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9/18/2018 - 22:19  EST

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Re: Week Long Tourney bear_music     9/6/2002 21:39


If you were available to play, and if you had e-mailed your opponent with available times, and copied the TD with the e-mails, then it is unlikely yoiu would have been awarded the loss.

We have considered the system you have proposed, bit it rather defeats the purpose of the multi-day tourneys, which are designed to accomodate people who wish to play long-rounds tourneys but actually cannot be there at the same time each night.

It has been our experience that if 2 players email each other at the outset of the tourney to attempt a mutual time, this can be done. If a player is so inflexible on time that s/he can't find a compromise window within a 48-hr period, then arguably that player should not be entered in a tourney of this format.

Let me explain something that happened to me way back in the beginning of this sort of tourney: I entered, I am online all the time, I just naturally figured my oppo and I could work it out, IM's went back and forth, we were never at same place at same time, and in the end I got FF'd.

I learned from this to send an e-mail as soon as pairs are posted, copied to the TD, suggesting some times. And I've never been disappointed since, it's always worked out.

I am sorry you had this experience, but the format will not be changing anytime soon, it is mostly accomplishing what we want it to.


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