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How to play Cribbage - article posted in parts (part 1) wonagametwice      3/20/2008 22:20

This article was published as a shared content on wikiHow. I have made some modifications to adapt to online play.

Cribbage is a challenging game that can be played with 2-4 people using a standard deck of 52 playing cards. Although it may seem intimidating at first, the basic game is very easy to learn and play. A cribbage board is an easy way to keep track of your score during the game.

Each player will have two pegs for scoring. The first to accumulate 121 points wins. (This often occurs in the middle of a deal; the game ends immediately.)

During play, these pegs will "leapfrog" over each other to help you keep accurate score.

For a 2-player game, the dealer deals 6 cards each, alternating back and forth, starting with his opponent. Cribbage is considered "a gentleman's game," so the cards are not "cut" between shuffling and dealing.

Each deal consists of several phases described in more detail later. In order the following events occur: The discard, Pegging, count Pone's hand, count Dealer's hand, cound Dealer's crib. If after scoring these, neither player has reached 121 points, play continues with Pone dealing the next hand. A typical game involves about 9 deals.
Each player looks at their 6 cards and decides which 4 to keep in his hand and which 2 to discard into a pile near the dealer called "the crib."
After the crib cards are put into the crib (4 cards all together), the player who did not deal cuts the remaining deck to determine the top card (this is automatic in online play): The remaining deck is placed on the table; the non-dealer places his hand over the deck and lifts up as many cards from the pile as he wishes - 5 cards, half the deck, 2/3 of the deck - whatever he desires. The dealer then picks up the card on the top of the remaining pile; the nondealer returns the stack he is holding back onto the rest of the deck and the card that the non-dealer is holding is flipped over and placed on the pile. Both players will use this card , called the "cut", as a sort of wild fifth card to count points at the end of the round.
If the "up-card" is a Jack, the dealer gets to peg 2 points. This score is called "his heels."

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