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3/26/2019 - 09:24  EST

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Re: insanity: WAKE UP PEOPLE bear_music     11/8/2001 03:46

By the 60/40 guidelines, EVERY league in Elite should be running 14-15 25 YEPs or less tourneys each day, and all are doing this. This means that any player, who plays in ONLY one league, and who refuses to play any tourney of more than 25 YEPs, has at a minimum 14 tourneys a day from which to choose.

Now, the cost of YEPs, at the WORST existing rate of exchange, is $10 per 1000. They can be had at a significantly lower rate by purchasing in bulk, but let's just assume this exchange rate. 1000 YEPS is the equivalent of 40 tourneys at 25 YEPs each.

40 Tourneys for $10 comes out to $0.25 per tourney.

And this assumes NO return on investment, that is to say, NEVER winning or placing runnerup in a tourney.

Now, what have you purchased for this minimal cost? A community of decent people, being led by a cadre of concerned, hands-on administrators, that is free of commercial coercion and operates out of a smoothly-running website and is constantly upgrading its offerings to YOU, the players.

None of this is free. It has been pointed out repeatedly, there is a cost that must be borne, quality does not grow on trees free for the plucking.

Like Steve I have been here from the beginning, I have personal knowledge of all the planning and discussion that went into this structure. Always remember, Elite was created by Issa and a group of us that seceded from Cases, a for-profit enterprise with millions of players and a management that had no concern for those players at all.

For all of you that want a place to play for free, try Cases. Try Cases MyLeagues. You get what you pay for, and it's not (in my opinion) much at all. STOP BICKERING. Stop running down a management team that has put far more concern than you will ever be aware of into a functional product that is designed with YOUR interests at heart.

Speaking for myself, I have invested 1000s of hours in Elite management, and I STILL pay for my own playing and bonuses I dispense by purchasing diamond memberships. I have in the last couple of months donated about 10 silver memberships, for instance, and these all came out of my own pocket. When I manage the Olympics, which I have for the last 5 months, even if I am NOT hosting I oversee every game, collate results, create scoring spreadsheets, and post to the clubs, at an investment of about 20 hours per Olympics.

And never ONCE have I received in this or any forum a "thank you" from the players, or a "well done!" for this massive investment of time.

To all of you that are carrying this complaint to the current extremes, WAKE UP! STOP WHINING! Y'all sound like spoiled, rich kids that want everything handed to them. But you're just a tiny fraction of the total player base, and you're poisoning the well for everyone else.


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