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7/16/2018 - 02:52  EST

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jenniesmalls1 baby is here! Long baby story... jenniesmalls1      8/1/2009 22:47

We arrived at 5 AM Thursday morning for the induction. First we did the epidural. It wasn't so bad. We started a tiny bit of pitocin since I was already at 5 cm. WEEEE! After an hour or two of feeling great, I started to feel lots of pain in one spot in the front and same spot in back, then more and more pain in these spots. Apparently some people's nerves have a section that isnt connected the same....so they get these hotspots. So the anesthesiologist, Glenn added more drug to my epi. Didnt do anything. So he gave me a C section dose. Still nothing. So they decide to take out my epi and do another one..... Before giving you the full dose they give a test dose. They gave me the test dose and something awful happened....

I was numb from the ears down. My blood pressure dropped really low really fast. The baby's heartbeat dropped really low too. They gave me a med that helped baby. All I remember is thinking I might die, help my baby, and them saying "baby is not tolerating this"....Brian was off in a corner terrified. I was scared to death.

After a bit I could finally start to feel my cheeks. Then I started to be able to grip the nurses hand - big step! They made me wear off the entire epidural before giving me my third.

By now Im about 7 cm and I dont remember the time.... They did a third epi with a low dose of medicine afraid of my last two reactions. This time no hot spot. But they could not give me much drug so I was feeling contractions quite well. They re-dosed me a few times but small amounts. I got stuck at 8 cm forever. Then Finally hit 9 cm! Although by now I was completely out of epi and given the situation, not allowed to have any more. My pitocin had been increased significantly. I felt like my pain was going to kill me. But I did well. Around 7 cm it occurred to me that making noises during my pain was not helping. So I started making eye contact with Brian and breathing slow paced breaths. It still was killing me but I was trying to stay focused.

Next hour that I was checked I was back at 8 cm - apparently my cervix was swollen and Atticus had moved up some. WHAT??? So my doc ordered a c-section. she said he had become diagonal instead of up and down. and my back labor was awful cuz my kid turned during early labor from being faced back to sunny side up.

They ask me if I want to try the C section with an epi or go to sleep. I chose sleep. I just wanted my baby to be okay and the pain to stop and no more risks.

I never cried about the c section, I was strangely brave (Im kind of a wuss LOL)

The next thing I remember was being back in my room but not quite awake. Brian got to wear scrubs and wait right outside the OR door. He got to hear Atticus be born. He followed him to the nursery and watched with his parents at the window. Brian did go into the nursery though as well. I did get to be the first of us to hold him, which was unplanned but nice. I could not wait to see him after they had given me my pain meds though and I had come out of the stuper from surgery.

He came in and then everyone held him. His apgars were 6 and 9. the 6 is normal from me being put to sleep, he kinda came out sluggish. He is healthy. PRAISE GOD! He is a tiny bit jaundiced because his blood type makes him more at risk for it. But he passed meconium 5 times in the first 24 hours and peed 3 times before I saw him! So my pediatrician has been pretty impressed with his low jaundice .... she thinks its cuz he pooooped so much :)

The best part was he latched right onto nursing! It was amazing. Nursing - SO FAR - has been awesome and pretty easy. But I am prepping myself for possible issues later, blessed if we dont have issues though.

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