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Life at Eliter's Hearty Nick_Esky     11/3/2006 18:11

I have been a member of Eliter's going on 5 years now, and although I sneak away on occasion to play in other Eliter’s leagues, Hearty has always been my home.

I have seen many changes in Hearty, including the changeover of a few HA's, AA's, many TD's, and untold numbers of players coming and going. Hearty has gone through good times and very tough one's.

The current Hearty Staff has been committed to Hearty, and coupled with the participation and commitment of the players, Hearty is growing. Well done!

But the one thing I see which is disturbing as I play at Hearty, is the sportsmanship or lack of it.

I see players openly critical of players for passing a moon, for not covering their pass, for ducking a heart trick, for dumping the Queen of Spades away from low, for seemingly not going after low, or for making what we believed was a bonehead play, and so on.

I have to admit that I too have been guilty of making bonehead plays, and ducking, not covering my pass, passing a moon, etc., for which you would think I have no room to complain, but I too ashamedly am guilty of uncalled for criticism on occasion in the past, and for that I apologize to all. As a result of that I know that I too have caused players to leave a game room feeling hurt or angry because of my comments, and to them I apologize. I am a long time Eliter and I know better.

One thing we have to remember is that although we know the two primary strategies of hearts is to cover your pass and go after low-man, there is no requirement that players follow that strategy. We all play different, hearts is a cutthroat game, with experienced and inexperienced players, with lots of players having strategies different than the conventional ones, variations, or none at all. This makes it even more challenging and harder to win, and forces us to adapt and change our play to suit the table we are at. With some luck we win a game. If not, Well, that is Hearts.

Yes, I know there are other things such as players who intentionally take points (without consideration for the other players) because they are losing, players complaining others are piling points on them or continually giving them the Queen etc., and that is where we have to bite out tongues. It serves no purpose to respond.

This type of conduct is totally uncalled for, and I am grateful that we have a staff that neither condones nor takes part in any of the above-mentioned types of play, behavior or conduct.

Sure, we can grumble and complain, but what good does it do but cause friction. If you have a legitimate complaint, there are avenues to address those. A good staff member can advise you what steps you need to take.

And yes, we all know there are players who use card counters, So what!…How boring is that?…What fun is that?…My gosh this is a game…With a little effort and concentration it is fairly easy to count cards and keep pretty good track of what has been played. It makes it more challenging…More times than not it’s your ability and strategy that get you through the game. You don’t need a counter.

I know it’s a very simple matter to some, but I see players leave a game room or the lobby at the end of a game without even offering a “gga”. I know at times we are not happy with the outcome, or feel we got robbed (Been there!), or feel it was not a good game, but it is just a gesture of good sportsmanship.

Be a good sport. Just remember one thing when it comes to Hearty. We win some, we lose a lot…It’s a game, have fun.

Lastly, Eliter’s Hearty is a great place to play, and overall we have good people here who know how to have fun and play a good game. I hope you all see that. We are lucky to have the dedicated staff and players that we do.

I encourage all those who are expected to set the example in Hearty to be the example…”Walk your talk.”

If this post has offended anyone, that was not my intention, and I apologize.

Cya in the games


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