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7/19/2018 - 23:15  EST

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Holdem Pogo DECA week!!! inewfie1      10/11/2009 20:57



Monday...:00--8 Hands...(14:00--Reg 1 x 3)...18:00--Reg 1x3..(.22:00--1x1)
Tues.......:00--1x1...(14:00--8 Hands)...18:00--Reg 1x3...(22:00--Reg 1x3)
WEd.......:00--Reg 1x3..(14:00--1x1)...18:00--8 Hands...(22:00--Reg 1x3)
Thurs.....:00--Reg 1x3..(14:00--Reg 1x3)..18:00--1x1...(22:00--8 Hands)
Friday...:00--8 Hands..(14:00--Reg 1x3)..18:00--Reg 1x3..(22:00--1x1)

The Decathlon is a monthly Event comprising of a Series of 20 Tournaments hosted
by a certain League during a single week. Only Premium Members will
be eligible to participate in Decathlon Tournaments. However, will only be accumulating
points for the first 10 Decathlon Tournaments they enter.

* Tournaments will be hosted 4 specific time spots daily for each of the 5 Decathlon
days, Monday to Friday, with a total 20 tourneys scheduled for the week.

* These Tournaments will be Single Elimination (SE or S4), Day Tournaments, but may
consist of different Tournament Specific Rules.

# Fees for each Tournament shall be 100 YEPs.

# Prizes will be the usual YEPs Prizes for each Tournament separately. No Bonuses will
be attached to any individual Tournament.

# All Tournaments participants will be awarded points, for only the first 10 Decathlon
Tournaments played by each Player.

* Players in 1x3 Tournaments, like HOldem, will have 2 Players in each game as losing
team, except the last Round where 3 Players will be considered losing teams. The points
awarded will follow a different structure:

11 points for the Winner
06 points for the 3 semi finalists
04 points for the 4 quarter finalists
03 points for Previous Round losing teams
02 points for Previous Round losing teams

* If a Player plays more than 10 Decathlon Tourneys, the points will count only for
the first 10. Then, in the next Decathlon Tourneys the Player may advance and even get
Tourney Victory, but the points will be concealed, and the other Players will not move up
or take the concealed points, as each of them will get only the points s/he earned.

* Points will be accumulated for all Tournaments, with the maximum of 10 Tournaments
per Player, and the Player with the highest Points will be declared the Decathlon Champion.

* The Champion will be awarded a Special Bonus of 1500 YEPs. In case of a tie the 2
Players will split the Special Bonus.

A Bonus of 5 YEPs per Point will be awarded to All Players who played 10 Tourneys,
excluding the Champion, who will get 1500 YEPs.
If the second Player played in 10 Decathlon Tourneys and got 78 points, the
bonus will be 78 x 5 = 390 YEPs.
If the third Player played in 10 Decathlon Tourneys and got 64 points, the
bonus will be 64 x 5 = 320 YEPs.

* The HA will finish the Decathlon Event, allowing the Special Bonus to be transferred
to the Champion and other Players who played 10 Tourneys, and the Champion(s) ID to appear
on the League main page.

* A Champion Star will be added to the Champion(s) Profile, and each Champion will get
the Decathlon Badge.

* The Champion ID will be added to the Book of Records.

I hope you can all come and participate in the Deca this week.
Looking forward to seeing you there.


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