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9/26/2018 - 03:48  EST

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Holdem Lingo - Part 2 sexy6blue9eyez     9/19/2008 13:49

Nuts or Nut Hand - the Nuts or Nut hand is the best possible hand at that particular moment. For example, if I am holding the Ace and Jack of hearts, and the flop brings the 2, 6, 9 of hearts, I would be holding the "nut" hand or just the "nuts" - there is no hand that I can lose to at this moment. Of course, the nut hand can change as the fourth and fifth cards come out (a straight flush). The highest possible straight or flush is often called the "nut" straight or "nut" flush.

Outs - The number of "outs" refers to the number of cards in the deck to make your winning hand. For example, if I have a flush draw (4 suited cards), I have 9 outs to make my flush since there are a total of 13 cards of each suit.

River - The "river" is the dealing of the fifth and final card of the five community cards dealt in Texas Holdem. The "river" is also known as "Fifth Street". The river card is the fifth and final card on the board. See "Flop".

Set - Three of a kind when your pair matches one of the community cards. e.g. You have 55 and the flop brings 4 5 A, you now have a set of 5s.

Semi-bluff - The act of betting on your hand when your hand is not made yet. ie - you have four cards to a straight or flush and you make a bet or raise a bet - even though you do not have a strong hand now, you have a chance of bluffing your opponent out of the pot or hitting the card that will complete your winning hand.

Slow-play - The act of intentionally under-playing a very strong hand in the hopes of tricking your opponent into thinking that he has you beat, which leads to your opponent betting more in later rounds. ie - holding pocket Aces and just checking or calling on the first round of betting to show weakness, in hopes of luring your opponent into more aggressive play later and a larger pot.

Stone Cold Bluff - This is the act of betting your hand with no real possibility of winning the hand if your bet is called. Unlike the semi-bluff, where you still have the potential to make a winning a hand, the stone cold bluff is not relying on the cards, but on your opponent folding.

Suited Connectors - Holding two cards that are of the same suit and sequentially ordered. ie - 8, 9 of spades.

Tilt - This terms refers to a player who is angry, upset, or emotionally unstable, impacting his poker game in a negative manner. For example, a player who just suffered a "bad beat" may go on "tilt". A player on tilt will often play erratically and more aggressively than his usual tendency.

Trips - Also known as a three-of-a-kind.

Turn - The "turn" is the dealing of the fourth card of five community cards dealt in the game of Texas Holdem. The "turn" is also referred to as "Fourth Street". The turn card would be the fourth card on the board. See "Flop".

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