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9/25/2018 - 20:00  EST

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Lity Playing Tip of the Week golfinmimi4       9/18/2006 19:49

This week's Literati playing tip involves partner play. Two of the favorite partner formats are Pick-a-Side and Top/Bottom Partners. In these formats the partners get half the board all to themselves. The strategies in these formats are the same as in the single player versions of Pick-a-Side and Top/Bottom in that you can set up huge plays for your team. One thing to remember when playing this format is patience. Just because one team member sets up a great play on a 3W does not mean you have to jump on it straight away. If you do not have a super play for this opening, you may want to wait a turn or so to see if you can get some colored tiles or even a Bingo to play here. Keep in mind that only your team can use the play that has been opened, so if there are letters left in the till, try exercising a little patience.

Happy Spelling!


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