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12/15/2018 - 00:47  EST

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New ... Premium Members Daily Activity Bonus balouza       11/15/2005 05:46

After 6 years of implementing the present YEPs system, and at the request of many Members, we are happy to introduce a new incentive to our valued Premium Members; the Daily Activity Bonus.

  • Effective tomorrow November 16, 2005 Premium Members will be rewarded a Daily Activity Bonus for every Match Played in any Eliters Tourney, Division, Challenge, Min-Tourney as follows:

    • Silver: 2 YEPs for every Match Win (W) and 1 YEP for every Match Loss (L)
    • Gold: Bonus X 2, 4 YEPs for W and 2 YEPs for L
    • Platinum: Bonus X 4,  8 YEPs for W and 4 YEPs for L
    • Diamond: Bonus X 2, 12 YEPs for W and 6 YEPs for L.

  • The Bonus will be posted the following day:


    A Diamond Member Played in an 8-Player SE Tourney with 25 YEPs Fees, and finished as Runner Up: 2 Matches Wins and 1 Match Loss; the Bonus will be:
    2X12 + 1X6 = 30 YEPs, in addition to the 40 YEPs for Runner Up Prize.

    A Diamond Member Played in several Tourneys and had 8 Wins and 7 Losses; the Bonus will be:
    8X12 + 7X6 = 138 YEPs, in addition to the Tourneys Prizes.

    A Platinum Member Played in several Tourneys and Challenges and had 15 Wins and 9 Losses; the Bonus will be:
    15X8 + 9X6 = 174 YEPs, in addition to the Tourneys and Challenges Prizes.

    A Gold Member Played in a certain Division (EDS) and had 6 Wins and 3 Losses; the Bonus in this period will be:
    6X4 + 3X2 = 30 YEPs, Plus the EDS Points Bonus 21X5 = 105 YEPs, in addition to any EDS Prizes.


  • New Premium Members will continue to get the Same Entry Bonus:

    • Silver: 1000 YEPs
    • Gold: 1000 YEPs
    • Platinum: 1000 YEPs
    • Diamond: 2500 YEPs

  • Current and Future Premium Memberships purchased up to 1/15/2006 will continue to get the Installments as per the old system up to expiry, as well as the new Activity Bonus. Subscriptions purchased after 1/15/2006 will cease to have installments.

    • Silver: No Installments
    • Gold: 11 Monthly Installments of 200 YEPs
    • Platinum 6 Months: 5 Monthly Installments of 1000 YEPs
    • Platinum 12 Months: 11 Monthly Installments of 1000 YEPs
    • Diamond6 Months: 5 Monthly Installments of 2500 YEPs.
  • Premium Members will be able, up to 1/15/2006, to upgrade their Membership anytime only once, according to the present system, by liquidating the old Membership remaining Installments balance, and starting the new subscription.
  • Premium Members after 1/16/2006 will also be able to upgrade their Membership anytime by liquidating the old Membership remaining balance for cash value to be deposited in their Eliters US$ Account, and starting the new subscription, however they will lose the Installments on the old Membership.

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