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Question about upcoming ELIC darkwolf1966      3/13/2008 10:08

Question about upcoming ELIC

Ok I have a “serious” Question about the Eliters International Championship (Canasta Yahoo!) in April 2008. And I mean “SERIOUS” when I say “serious”. Not semi serious like let’s say suppose to be good for you kids’ breakfast cereal compared to “the really good for you but no one can eat it” Grape-Nuts. I mean can you see just how serious this question is…..

I mean this is like ground shaking, earth shattering serious, like E.L.E serious (oh good grief the blonde in the house and I am not saying its chic {but it is}, says what’s E.L.E, {smacks head} oh bother… E.L.E. Extinction Level Event duhhhhhhhh, ya know like what wiped out the dinosaurs. And will one day wipe out all us planet destroying humans so the cockroaches can take over.)

See I am talking S E R I O U S here. I mean I have been accused by some not mentioning any names, (chic sierra moody cat jaye katbrat Kd rosie santi barbi Darkangel bombie most the newfies ummm wait this may take a while there’s a lot of people on that list) of not being serious about anything. But this I am serious about if I wasn’t serious about it would I been spending this much time to explain just how serious I am, I don’t think so who in there right, left or no mind would spend this amount of time to tell you how serious this question is if ii wasn’t just that serious.

Ok now the question and it’s serious too if ya doubt me start back over at the top and read again….

In the ELIC do I have to represent the country I was born or live in or can I represent any country?

Jeff (darkwolf1966 HA HeartY)

See and you thought it was going to be a non serious question. No trust in me at all.

I don't care if you lick windows, take the special bus, or occasionally pee on yourself... You hang in there Sunshine, you're friggin' special.

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