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9/25/2018 - 04:05  EST

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Donating issue XzWickedKittyzX      6/24/2008 16:16

This subject has gone around many times in the past and there are many opinions both for and against it. I'd like to raise a few points for ALL(both sides) to think about. Disclaimer: The views listed in this post are not pointed at any 1 particular post or person who made a post regarding this subject. They are my own views and suggestions and do not necessarily reflect all Eliters guidelines This is unfortunately a long one, so please hang in there, it's 2 parter. :-)

- The No Show rule being enforced or not enforced for donators, I believe has been answered. Donators that make their intention to donate known on the EM on the tourney page will not be noted for a "No Show".

- The "Donator button" that would allow the tourney to run, by just donating the Yeps, but not being placed into the bracket.....This and similiar suggestions have been made in the past. I could be wrong, but if I am not mistaken, Issa said this would cause a lot of systems problems and wasn't possible at this time. I am sure that it's something that could be looked at again and I know that Issa does read these posts. If he thinks something is possible he will take action. The Eliters systems team have made great improvements over the years, but not everything is possible.

- Almost all(Not all but most) of the complaints about people donating come from people who host and/or play in the more active Yahoo league. Most of these same people are against allowing donators. For the bigger and more active Yahoo leagues this makes sense and I can understand why they would be. These leagues usually have a much more active player base who are also usually a bit more competitive than those in the average or struggling leagues. So donators aren't usually a "must have" in order for the hosting TD to get at least a few tourneys to run. It also really can throw off the whole competitiveness of the game.

- For struggling leagues the TDs and players both usually welcome a donator. In most cases(again not all, but the majority of the time.) we are talking about a 1X3 league that needs 3 players to start their tourney. Usually the TD has 2 players in, that really want to play. So in this case, there isn't going to be anyone waiting to play the next round because of a donator. Usually that donator is going to be given the loss and the other 2 go to the finals. Sometimes the donator may be given the bye and so in a sense given a rd 1 win for their stats. This doesn't always seem fair, but at the same time if this particular person donates their yeps alot in order to show support for the leagues, I think a rd 1 bye every once in a while isn't such a bad thing. Again, for the struggling leagues, I don't think this is as big of an issue.

I will gladly donate to any tourney. Most of the HAs and TDs in the Pogo Leauges(and some of the Yahoo and GD leagues too) know that they can call on me anytime if they need some help. Todate I haven't heard any complaints about me donating. If someone else jumps in to help the tourney go that CAN play, the TDs are usually pretty good about IMing me to let me know I'm not needed and I withdraw before they close. If ever it is an issue, I will gladly listen and correct the issue as best I can.

- For milestone tourneys. It is nice to show your support and throw in your Yeps to make the pot bigger. There is another option. You can enter the tourney, write your kudos and comments on the Eliters Messenger and then withdraw from the tourney. You aren't able to keep your Yeps in there for the pot, but if there are plenty of people for the Milestone, this might be a better option. It can get confusing when there are a lot of donators in the tourney. (However, a tourney in rememberance of one of our fallen Eliters, might be an exception to this, as everyone wants to show as much support as possible for those.)

- For major Events, donations can certainly create and cause issues of being

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