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5/21/2019 - 07:42  EST

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dont assume anything, and try and get out once in a while.. ilovedasun     11/20/2009 15:50

I would assume that most people who play in the eliters leagues are adults. I would also assume that it was at one point an enjoyable (read) distraction to go into a room on a internet site and play a game of cards with friends n familiar faces, kind of like a club, where adults should be able to play cards, make comments, laugh; talk about life and the world and have fun.

Some of these people might be PhDs in engineering; some might be vagabonds, IT people, truck drivers, elephant handlers, fish mongers, itinerant gypsies, stargazers, rednecks, thieves, and maybe an occasional cross-dressing bank president. This was the beauty of the league, and the said platform of an INTERNET ROOM where people can CHAT in the LOBBY, and of course; as with any meeting of people anywhere, their needs to be protocol.
One of the curious things that has happened to eliters in the years since its inception is that protocol has changed from mature adults discussing gaming strategy to inept and sometimes ludicrous definitions of rules and regulations regarding who gets to say what where when and how in a YAHOO CHAT room attached to a gaming site. This is, to me ; personally, and philosophically consideration to the censorship and political wretchedness and hearsay, lies, and lets face it just plain bullshit that perpetrated myths that got us in to the mess this country is in now. Not only ridiculous and almost ludicrous, it pales in comparison
Yahoo is a sit, eliters is a site. They are both on the internet. No one forces anyone to go to either site. If someone wants to express an opinion, sing a song, imitate a bird call, or discuss Freudian therapy and the merits of wearing women's shoes as a 52 year old male, they have every right to do so.
And if particular players donít like or donít have the moxy or balls to want to listen to other players, they can use the democratic and often misunderstood IGGY button, to which I have grown accustomed to be blocked by.

The point being here that if a player or TD can report abuse or form an opinion of a player or players in the LOBBY of a CHAT ROOM and use their influence or power to determine the said player or players status in the league, then there should be a FORUM where this is discussed and regulated, not a SINGLE ALL POWERFULL wizard who decides the fate of players, games, outcomes and Rules. When joining the league all this is made clear to potential members, but ht is not made clear is that certain power is granted unwillingly to whomever sees fit to decide hat a players opinion, actions and words deserve some sort of penalty, making the eliters spades league the equivalent of Kindergarten with ARNOLD SCHWARZENAGGER (ugh) I charge of the class.

I donít like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a bad actor and dumb body builder, who represents some of the idiocy, Hypocrisy, fantasy, dumbed down spectacle, and lunacy that has become the norm in America.
Why donít we put THOUGHT POLICE in charge of every word that is written in the Lobby of yahoo, and have CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS started by the FBI every time a player nills on a non nil game .
Would this make the "lawman" that shows pictures of GUNS and makes references to NOT LIKING ANYONE who doesnít sound, act, or feel or share the same political?
Or social views as them a reason to break a great tradition of fun for entire groups of people who attend an online event.

Letís just call it fascism and hearsay in kindergarten and get it over with

Be nice kids, and have fun. Donít lie, and always double nil with 6 spades.If you fel lik it. Itís a GAME

Its not real life. You are in a chat room on the INTERNET, which was designed for mostly 13 year olds, I guess..Or at least there are a lot of them in Eliters, I guessÖ

ya know, people with the education of a 13 year old can somtimmes act like MORONS to have fun , and we need ADULT SUPERVISION on the TD and ADIMIN side, too.

So look, merry holidays, and donít forget to accuse an

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