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5/21/2019 - 07:47  EST

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Reply to:  263480  by  lawman.20695 << Prev  263484  Next >> Reply | Post New
Re: dont assume anything, and try and get out once in a whil ilovedasun     11/21/2009 19:52

I have never insulted your wife, i never met your wife. You arec looney tunes : My rambling response is anything i said to you in any way has nothing to do with why and when my yeps were stolen, i was unjustly and unceremoniously thrown out of a spades league, and why the td that was on the game i was in that you were involved in stole my yeps. This is my point.
And as far as i am concerned itís pretty hard to insult your if when i havenít even ever seen her, heard her name, nor talked to her. And never you me, this is the internet. You pissed me off. I pissed you off. I have nothing further to say on this, and you prove my point exactly.
You werenít robbed of 1500 yeps
You were not thrown out of the spades league
anything said to you should have and has nothing to do with eliters spades.
I am sorry I said what I said, I was angry with you for you snide rebuttal and remarks, so I went one better.
I never said anything that wasnít true. That you can se that is the point. Its your karma that got u there, as mine. Your wife has nothing to do with this, you harrassed me and other playrs for years, and you selectively enforced rules s other tds do, if your wife is mentioned you get offended, fine...

I m sorry your wife did. I am sorry for hat I said, which was not an insult if you knew what it meant. (I never met nor ever mentioned a word about her before, except in condolence to you when she died, along with very other eliters ,the post with my condolences is right there with everyone elses. No You used an issue of an insult that I said to get me thrown out of spades, simple, when YOU KNOW yourself and were even present at the time that I got a bum deal.
Funny, you know so much about me, I actually called you at work once, wanted to meet you for a beer, Now you call me a coward and a bum, have insulted me along with countless other players for years, have seen tds ccome and go, and can obvioulsly see the effecrt the insult I gave you had on spady in general, ELITERS TAKING ON A PERSONAL LEVEL ABOUT PERSONAL THINGS IN THEIR LIVES has absolutely NOTHING to do with eliters protocol, spades rules, or the lobby. I coyuld have said your mother wears army boots, so what > ?

As far as I am concerned all you did was contribute to what was going to be done anyway,I was on my last chance and I took it after beind swindled and harrassed for the last time by dweeby white pople with no life that get power out of being a td.
just proving that eliters is a place where a few tdswho work for yeps, have no lives, get to tell everyone how and what to do what when, Then they quit and are replaced by others. Wasnít that way 6 years ago, an I bear you no ill will, perhaps thatís why YOU arenít a td anymore ?

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