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7/21/2018 - 13:40  EST

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Help Needed in GameDesire Leagues. SlamDoc21     4/27/2010 15:44

Staff Positions are open in GameDesire!

**How would you like to become one of Eliters Staff Members, and gain more yeps, prizes, and earn promotions, & break records?**

~~GameDesire is the place to show off your talents, skills, and make some great friends. GameDesire is always open to anyone.~

^GameDesire is not only looking for players. GameDesire is looking for Tourney Directors, Group Leaders, and or Administrators.^

  • 1). Do you like have fun on top of fun?

  • 2). Are you addicted to online games?

  • 3). Can you be dedicated to a responsible position, and have honesty?

  • 4). Do you like setting Goals to accomplish, no matter how long it takes to get there?

  • 5). Are you a friendly people person, and meet no strangers?

  • 6). Can you work under pressure if needed, and handle situations without stress?

  • 7). How about, do you like earning daily fees, weekly bonuses, yearly bonuses, & status or goals bigger bonuses for accomplishments?

  • 8). Are you familiar with your computer, and willing to learn TD add on programs if needed, but not mandintory to have?

  • 9). Would you like to be noticed for your efforts and goals of what you do while in your position(s)?

  • 10). Are you willing to host at least your recommended load of tourneys, recruit players & other staff, and try to be the best at what you do?

  • If you fall in this catergory, GameDesire is looking for you & whoever you bring along with you!

    The GameDesire Leagues of Eliters have the following positions currently open. And we are looking for FUN, SKILLED, & DEDICATED individuals like yourself to fill them.

    Will need to be a Premium Member. And you will Get exclusive benefits, including enhanced statistics, and priority service. Help us stay online and improve our service for you.

  • If you are not a TD already, use this link to Become a Tournament Director And Promote Eliters

  • If you already are a TD, and seeking to move up in the ADMINISTRATION, then click on your Vacancies & Applications list from your Staff Link on your Adminstration page.

  • GameDesire Leagues have been active in the past, but now they need some dedicated and experienced leadership.

    Eliters is currently looking for a HA & AA in multiple Leagues across GameDesire. To name the # 1 Priority ones that needs revive, see League names below.

  • Become a Staff Member in your choice of these GameDesire Leagues. Fill out the application, see if you qaulify, and start upon approval.

  • **1). CribD needs a HA, AA, TGL, GL, & TDs.
    **2). DoD need some more TDs added to their Staff.
    **3). GinD needs a HA, AA, TGL, GL, & TDs.
    **4). Pool8D needs a HA, AA, TGL, GL, and more TDs.
    **5). Pool9D needs a HA, AA, TGL, GL, and more TDs.
    **6). SnookD needs a HA, AA, TGL, GL, and TDs.
    If you wish to be considered for an Administrative Position in any of these leagues in GameDesire, you must first request a transfer to that league. After your application is reviewed by our Corporate Members, if it passes, their will be a probationary period at first as host, you can then apply for higher staff positions. We do not gaurantee Administrative Staff Jobs, but experience or hard work can get you there.

  • For a full list of benefits and details in becoming a TD please click here: Tournament Director Benefits

  • Fred "Slammer"
    GameDesire Leagues Director

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