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12/14/2018 - 22:26  EST

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Re: Who recruited You? wonagametwice      7/27/2010 21:43

Ok...here is my story.

My profile says May 2006, but that was the birth of Wonagametwice. A few months earlier, I had been playing some pinochle and spades after being "offline" for SEVERAL months due to some personal disappointments, broken trust in people (one person pretending to kill himself, then arising back from the dead; another supposedly killed in a car wreck that mysteriously also came back from the dead), some friendships that became too much of a drain on my "real" life (didn't have a laptop, lived in front of my PC for hours and hours every day to talk to my "online" friends).

My history goes a little further back than Eliters. In 1995, I purchased my very first PC that would connect to the internet. I remember it having like 6 icons on the "front" window on Wins 95. That very tempting one kept staring back at me that said "Connect to the World Wide Web", and the one right below it said "Read Electronic Mail". I gave in. Although I have a degree that has a minor in computer programming, I HATED computers, because I would always engulf myself in them. Well, not that night. At 5 a.m. after surfing what felt like 1/3 of the net on my 28.8k modem, I had already started yakking away on IRC chats. About a month later, I joined PAL and EXCITE chat. It was the first "virtual" chat program using images and webpages as backgrounds. AOL had a simultaneous version running called VWorld, but you could only join if you were on AOL. After chatting for a few months, I got hooked on a place called Parents Chat, then applied to become a chat host, which was pretty cool as I even had the opportunity to cohost (and be the emcee) a live televised chat with Sinbad. I then became a host trainer until time took its toll on me by not being able to meet my commitments.

After being "fired" for that, I did not even want to be online from somewhere around 1999 to 2001. I finally started playing games on Yahoo in 2001 and met some great folks since I traveled in my job and was in a hotel every night. In 2004, I began writing a book (that has not been finished) and did not go online except for work until early 2006. It was THEN that I met my first Eliters.

I wandered into the Pino lobby. I was actually making fun of Tina the sexy chat bot. I posted "My name is Cntry (my old chat name), I am fat, ugly, and 35, visit my profile for pics". Immediately, I think it was DrSally that told everyone to ignore me, that I was a bot! Wick and downy came to the rescue and told everyone I was not a bot. Then while I kept trying to invite them both to play, Wick kept pressuring me, then Downy finally convinced me to join. A Silver fairy showed up when I spent all my YEPS in the Gold Box and not long after JTRuss took me under her wing.

One day JT says "IM ME!" Being scared, I messaged her. She said...You need to become a TD!. I said OK. Applied to Pino, was accepted, but then I had some time issues due to moving. Shortly after, I joined JT in a brand new league - BowlP. It was here that I got my start and won another game, hence Wonagametwice. Since then, I think Wick, Downy, and JT have been permanently banned for recruiting me, lol.

I stayed in BowlP with Mikey, JT, Jen, and a few other great folks for a while, then not thinking, I transferred to a struggling league where I about went nuts as no tourneys were going. Fortunately, after this, I moved to CribY with the Purcinator, and spent the next two plus years (off and on a couple of times). There, I held TD, SRTD, AGL, GL, TGL x 2, AA1. Purce was banished to the duties of Newsletter Editor forever for her mistakes in promotion. It was while I was in CribY that Lisaleasah hired me to be the Promotions Director (I think she is now banned for that). After 7 or 8 months as PD, I applied for the dual role of PD and Events Director. Eventually, the PD position began to be too much to try to keep up.

In April of 2009, I had a pretty incredible opportunity

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