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10/19/2018 - 23:26  EST

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TOC debates, complaints and suggestions wonagametwice      8/10/2010 00:35

Hi all,

I have read every post on the TOC.

Here are my comments as the Events Director:

1. I have answered these same complaints in the clubs time after time with similar answers.

2. As Events Director, I always check times and ask leagues to consider, as I did this month, the closeness in times to other tourneys.

3. The league admins are the ones that have the biggest consideration in setting times, therefore, an email to the HA of the league that you have suggestions for would be of more benefit than the continued threads here.

4. I have not received a single email - which is the SUGGESTED method of protocol on any suggestions/comments/complaints.

5. Eliters will consider any suggestion, especially if you can provide a valid plan that will work to benefit all leagues, but only in the acceptable method of email.

6. Any "timed" intervals will not work for all leagues for the TOC event. It has already been shown in it's own numbers in this thread - there are entirely too many leagues to mandate an hour or two in between each and every league's slot. No matter what time zone everyone lives in, there will still be cancels for Not Enough Players:

E.G. - CanaP - scheduled for 17:15 Sunday, which is suitable for most time zones, Not Enough Players.
CanaY - 20:30 on Sat - Not Enough Players
EuchP - 21:45 on Sat - Not Enough Players (now before anyone says this was cancelled because of HoldemP's TOC 30 minutes earlier, there was only 1 eligible player for both that played in HoldemP's tourney, and DoP was right behind it but had NO players that were eligible for both leagues in it)
LitY - 19:45 on Sat - Not Enough Players

Thank you to these leagues for trying!

7. The following leagues had successful TOC's in "non-prime" slots:
DOD 15:30 - Sat
GinP 16:45 - Sat
BgY 17:00 - Sun
CribP 00:30 - Sun
GinY 19:30 - Sun

These leagues scheduled at these times and also had some struggles on some. Thank you also to the creativity in scheduling.

8. Please consider that not all leagues have TDs that can host on weekends, also not all leagues have players during those hours. As a former HA of a league, I can remember many times on Oly weekends of sitting in the lobby cancelling tourney after tourney, then running the Oly, then cancelling tourney after tourney. As a former TD in one of the top leagues, I also ran from 12:00 - 17:00 a lot of Sundays. Most of those were cancel after cancel. One thing that I did learn as HA however, was that our player base changed their preferred times to play almost every other month and we would accommodate as best that we could.

We welcome any and all suggestions on how any event can be scheduled or ran better, however at the same time, beating a dead horse really doesn't get anywhere. The same few will always complain about times, formats, days, not enough sugar in the cup, not enough of the right cards, someone sitting before they do, etc. That is NOT what Eliters is about, and it is not what Issa, nor any of the Eliters Staff spend countless hours assessing stats, ideas, suggestions, and implementing lots of programs in order to enhance your playing experience for.

Eliters is the most organized league on the Internet and has the best group of players and TDs of any. Changes are always being made to make that better, and if a reasonable change can be found to help in TOC scheduling, please rest assured that it will be implemented AFTER it has been agreed that it is in the best interest of Eliters.

The best way to ask for a change is to look to each league that you play in. If you think a time is not fair...take it to the league's Admin and they will attempt a reasonable explanation as to why they have chosen a particular time. If that does not get an answer, please feel free to copy me and I will see if I can find out for you.

Thanks and happy gaming,

Events Director

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