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9/18/2018 - 16:28  EST

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Re: Newsletter is out! mhollis73      11/6/2010 13:46

Ok, first off - whether directed at me or not - go read my ORIGINAL post on the subject. I voiced "MY" opinion/thoughts on the newsletter. Apparently that isn't allowed without someone saying you are "bashing Eliters and the changes", yadda, yadda...

I am the one that mentioned the "pot calling the kettle black" and yes I meant every word I said of it in regards to Marty. Don't sit and blame someone for doing something that you, yourself have done. You, yourself(Becca) has also voiced your likes/dislikes about things in Eliters, so have you looked at yourself and seen if you could change? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't changed to go with the flow, but point is- you still voiced your thoughts/opinion on the subject.

I never once stated myself that the changes were not for the "better" of Eliters on a whole and in my ORIGINAL post you will see that no where, other than the fact I don't like the current view of the newsletter which some may or may not like themselves.

Personally(again MY opinion/thought) on the subject...I'm sick of seeing people not seeing the WHOLE picture but rather what they want to see in a subject matter. I too, can see the logical complaints/concerns/thought, but those that want to sit and spark debate over what they feel is right/wrong or good/bad in their eyes versus what someone else feels is purely "THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK".

I'm not offended by what you said, nor will I ever be offended by what someone posts in here, it's merely words on a web page, something that can be seen or unseen as the user of the computer sees fit.

I have been in this league for 8 years now, I've seen many changes...some good...some bad....No where in life do things stay constant, if they did we'd not even have the internet or pc's for that mater, we'd still be chiseling it out on cave walls. However, if people didn't voice their opinions/thoughts on a subject then there would not be things such as those just mentioned in their new and improved states.

If anyone else wishes to debate my ORIGINAL post to me, feel free - my email is mhollis73@yahoo.com - but for those that continue to assume that it was a slam against Eliters in a whole...continue posting here about what you like/don't like - it's amusing to say the least.

Good Day!

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