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7/21/2018 - 15:05  EST

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Re: What's going on? wonagametwice      1/23/2012 21:25

As a highly experienced player, TD, league Admin and "Corp" member, I would like to express a couple of thoughts.

Things have changed drastically in my life over the past 6 years that I have been an Eliter and those things have not only affected the time that I have to play in Eliters, but also the way that I handle the current Admin job that I function in as Events Director.

I personally do not have an answer as to "where all of the players have gone" and wish that I could shed some light for not only the dedicated players that are here, but also for Issa, who does more behind the scenes than any of us do put together on the Admin side. The current position that I hold was once as many as four different positions, and had a need for that many different persons, personalities, and responsibilities. As participation has decreased, so have those particular demands. Also, with automating certain tasks, this has allowed for my particular position, as well as a couple of others, to be combined in order to focus on keeping the everyday practices of Elite going and doing whatever we can to recruit and maintain a great loyal member base of players...and TDs.

Things have changed that we cannot control as a person, as a team, or as a league. "The old days" didn't have social sites such as Facebook (yeah, MySpace was around...but....). We also consistently saw Elite being able to utilize various forms of marketing in order to increase member counts, encourage playing and sponsorship of major events - all of which is pretty much invalid in today's marketing strategies for various reasons.

All in all, things do change, sometimes for the better; sometimes for the worse, but what I have seen over the past 6 years is a dedicated group of friends that come here for their own personal reasons whether it be to escape reality (my first reason for coming here), have some fun playing fun games, friendships or whatever the case may be, and we have all enjoyed it...even with our little scuffles occasionally.

Yes, indeed, there are things that could be improved. But, I will say this in my own opinion - I have seen almost every single request of anything that anyone has ever suggested become a reality to benefit the players:

Events tourneys requirements lessened (member suggestion)
Dates changed to better accommodate all leagues (ED suggestion)
Bounty tourneys (member suggestion)
Badges (member suggestion)
Hot Tourneys changed to more frequency to compensate for less TD activity
Playsite team to accommodate challenged leagues (member suggestion)
Better tools and pages for admins and TDs (TD suggestion)
More payout for TDs, especially in struggling leagues
Games (member suggestion)
Free YEPS Refill (for more retention)
New servers that are tons faster
Ticket system (lots of suggestions)
and much more.

All of these things were results of a team of players and their TDs/Admins and their suggestions to improve.

There is no doubt that Issa wants this league to always be successful and does all that he sees feasible in order to do what we ask him to do, and I know for a fact that he is always willing to listen to any idea or suggestion.

Sure there are times that we all don't get along, and sometimes there are some rules that may need to be changed. I personally thank each and every one that finds a rule/topic that is in need of a change. Sometimes our rules can become stale simply from attrition, or changes that we have made as a group that did not take the rule into consideration (as Pep knows first hand we have run into in the past). Regardless, it is always the best interest of the membership that we will always try to side with, even if it means changing a rule in mid-stream if so required for the situation.

I want to say that I appreciate what each member has done here for Eliters, whether you are a 12 year old member, or just started last week. There have been so many that have come...and gone...that

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