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12/18/2018 - 15:08  EST

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Re: its about begging for yeps SlamDoc21     3/5/2012 18:16

Hence what Purce said is so happily true. I actually in my personal life, and state of mind, think I'm the TD of the Month, Year, Week, Day all of the time. And I do not need a Badge nor Medal to show off. Neither do I actually need recognition.

Whoever joins this League should abide by every guideline and rule it offers. I did it, and also have broken some Rules due to uncalled etc. reasons.

But, I take the warnings that warrented if granted with the proper complaint, and move on, and forget it. Then try staying away from that trouble that got me into the situation.

Although, I feel like I may know who the guilty Party is about the Yep Begging. Let me say this. When I became an Eliter, I had no intention of begging for yeps. I played in one specific League, where I knew my Skills would Pay off. If they did not, I'd most likely created another guest account similar to the one I owned, and withdrew the other. Then try again. Which never happened.

I was so good in guest Tourneys, my statistics were jumping along with my yeps in a respective way that one day, the league tds started asking me in matches in a 1x1 game at the table to become a td and help them out.

Oh they did not actually need tds ay that time. They were tired of me winning 95% of the guest tourneys.

I took one day, and sent a money order to finance, and bought a premium membership in order to play in the premiums. Then my yeps would go up and down. But I had sense of mind to quit while I was ahead.

Then after telling the tds that I will think about it. None knew my condition. I was in worser physical health than I am now. I could not even light my own cigarette, nor push my own wheelchair.

But, after reading about earning yeps. I feeled out tha application. Became a td. Kicked more behinds during my play time, and earned yeps from hosting.

Then I got really into the sysem of hosting. I would host at least 8, 12, even 16 hours during a 5 day period. And relax and play in marathons, and TOCs in one specific league for years.

Then my pc broke. I was relieved of my duties as a td. I was offline over 2 years. I came back to find my home league still active, which was Dop. I regained my td status. Earned my way.

Then I heard about the SFTD Team, I signed up for it. At first I was like, man this is harder, but after seriously learning and applying myself. I earned more yeps per week for my performance and activity.

Then, after becoming an HA, I started promoting Eliters everywhere. And even bought as of today over 50+ Silvers & counting I beleive. And Tranferred an uncountable share of my yeps.

But, do you see me begging. NO!

I deal with my disabilty, and do not wine about my abilty. Nor when I'm low, do I go around begging.

I have played in more than one league at a time. But, I was never warned of slow play. If it persited, I'd FF a match, and concentrate on the table where I was sure of a win.

I have been paralyzed from my chest down for over 13 years now. I type with one finger until a CAP is needed. I even take my laptop (MY LIFELINE) to the ER incase I'm kept. So, I can get on their wireless connections after I'm feeling better.

Well you can figure out the rest.

Happy gaming all.

And to the begger. I hope that you will figure out, not to use your disabilty as an excuse. And adventure....................You may succeed!

Fred the "SLAMMER" always Eliter!

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