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7/16/2018 - 08:18  EST

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a point has been met, dream's come true, a goal has been met G76FordTruck     6/22/2012 14:18

Yo Eliters!
Are you ready?
This is for all!
Join the "Green Trucker Doc" for a fun celebration! B.K.A. Slammer, has Conducted 15,000 Eliters Wide Tourneys! He has been an on and off, but yet a Honary 10 Year Eliters TD.

Also, for those of you that have been wanting to learn Eliters online Yahtzee and the navigation of the site, this is your weekend of opportunity.

And to make it a lot easier for you, please take a moment to read Help Topic #3323. To view this, please kindly type in either code (DiceD or Yatzy).

So, don't miss your chance!

Listed below are the Morning & Afternoon Tourney Times before, during, between, and after the Milestone Times totalling 5,000 YEPS giveaway!

  • 1 Eliters Wide PAT Special Milestone SE Tourney x 800 Y Bonus = Guests & Premium Members alike may join.
    Join the 09:15! MS Registration is Open!

  • 7 SE x 50 Y Winner Only Bonuses = Guest & Premium Eliters may join.
    Totalling 350 Y Giveaway!
    Every Tourney will be open 1 hour before start time.

  • 17 SE x 50 Y Bonuses
    Totalling 850 Y Giveaway!
    Every Tourney will be open 1 hour before start time.

  • 2 Eliters Wide Milestones totalling 3,000 Bonus Y = 1,500 Bonus on each!
    Premium Members may Join both Tourneys Now.
    To join the 18:00 EST. Click on Me!
    To join the 21:30 EST. Click on Me too!

  • I'll be waiting in GameDesire inside of Eliters very own Yatzy 2004 Lobby.
    Will you GAIN?
    I feel like you can, but only if you can HANG out with us.
    DiceD will be expecting YOU.

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