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How (and Where) to File a Complaint bear_music      4/27/2002 12:32

As EliteLeague continues to grow, we are seeing more and more cases where members misunderstand or are unaware of the interlocking responsibilities of various levels of staff. This is leading to a lot of wasteful communications directed to the corporate level, all of which must be redirected to their appropriate recipients.

Here’s a refresher course on how to deal with issues:

If you are in a tournament and feel the need to complain about something, contact the hosting TD privately, via IM. Report the problem and/or invite the TD to the table to observe. Do not do this publicly if at all possible, this can lead to bad feelings. The TD will, if appropriate, issue a warning to the player at fault. Depending on the behavior in question, failure to heed this warning will result in at least a player note added to the files, and at most disqualification from the tourney. The TD’s decision on these matters is final, there is no purpose served by debating it further.

If you feel that the TD has acted improperly or not in the league’s best interest, please make a note of this and, after the tourney is over, send an e-mail to the HA of the league in question, describing the situation and why you feel it was not properly resolved. Please do this as unemotionally as possible, it is the best way to be heard. You may get the HA’s e-mail address by going to the league’s home page and finding “organization” at the bottom of the main menu. Click on this, then right click on the HA’s name, then select “properties”: the e-mail address will be displayed there, and may be copied and pasted.

If you feel that the HA has not been responsive, has responded improperly, or if your problem is with the HA directly, use the “contact us” link on any Elite menu to contact the VP for Player’s Relations and describe the situation to him. Please do NOT send blanket e-mails to everyone in the corporate hierarchy, it accomplishes nothing and is a waste of our time.

In any such communication with the HA or the VP, please be concise and specific. Generalities and vague accusations cannot be acted on. You should include screen captures of the incident, attached to the emails, so that the officials have hard evidence on which to act. You can make a screen capture by pressing the “prntscrn” button on your keyboard (top row to the right of the F12 key). This will copy the entire screen to the clipboard. Then the image can be pasted to a paint program or word processor, and saved as a file.

If you are not actually involved in the issue at hand, it is best to stay out of it and let those directly affected seek their own resolution. In other words, if you think player “A” is being rude to her partner, player “B”, then it is up to player “B” to complain, if he does not why should you care? Only if the language and pressure is way, way out of line, so much so that it is very stressful for you, should you get involved, and anyway a request of the complaining team to calm down will usually do the trick.

Please help us all by following the above guidelines if you have any sort of problem, and remaining unemotional and cooperative as TDs and Admins try to deal with it. There are always at least 2 sides to every issue, and in all fairness we must examine all sides before passing judgment on anyone.


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