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1/21/2019 - 09:52  EST

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Marathon Changes - Effective Jan 2006 lisaleasah      12/17/2005 02:43

Hello Eliters,

We are introducing a new change to the Marathon Events - effective January 2006.

In an effort to provide more incentives to participate in and win Marathon tourneys, we are changing the Marathon Bonus Pot allocation. We will be adding a new category "Most Tourneys Won During Marathon". This change will reward those players who not only play the most tourneys, but also win the most tourneys. Also, not all tourney winners are able to compete in the MDC, so this will provide an added benefit to these winners, while not penalizing them for not being present for the MDC.

The Bonus allocation will be as follows:

MDC Winners -- Changed

  • 20% To the Winner of the MDC. Reduced from 40%

  • 10% To the Runner-up of the MDC. In 1x3 Leagues (Hearty) this will be split amongst the 3 Semi-Finalists. Reduced from 15%

  • Highest Tourney Winners -- New!

  • 15% To the Player who Won the highest number of tourneys. In case of equal Players the total of the 1st and 2nd Prizes will be split equally.

  • 10% To the Player who Won the second highest number of tourneys.

  • Highest Tourney Players -- Unchanged

  • 15% To the Player who participated in the highest number of tourneys. In case of equal Players the total of the 1st and 2nd Prizes will be split equally.

  • 10% To the Player who participated in the second highest number of tourneys.

  • TDs -- Unchanged

  • 10% To the TD who hosted the highest number of tourneys during the Marathon.

  • 10% To the TD who attracted the highest number of Players in a certain tourney during the Marathon.

  • Thanks for supporting Eliters Events!


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