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7/17/2018 - 17:28  EST

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Re: balouza bear_music      6/30/2002 15:10


I am sorry you had what you consider a “bad” experience, but there are a couple takes on this that are worth discussing.

Before starting, let me say this: we normally do not tolerate personal attacks in these clubs. If your post were directed at another player it would have been removed instantly. However, I am going to take it as an attack on all Elite administration, and allow it to stand. When others have read your post and this response, let them be the judge of who is actually rude.

First, EliteLeague is a league for tournament game play: any social aspects, however pleasant they may be, are secondary to this. While we certainly frown on outright rudeness, a failure to engage in social chat is not, of itself, rude. There are many reasons why a given player might not wish to chat: playing in more than one game, shyness, poor English (our players span the globe), multi-tasking during play, a need to concentrate utterly on the game, and so forth. We’d hope that all our players engaged in the minimum courtesies (GL, GG, stuff like that) but this is all we can reasonably ask of them.

Not all of us have the same goals when playing: some of us are there primarily for the social interaction, others are very serious about their games, we make allowances for all types in EliteLeague.

Secondly, Balouza and I, to name but two, are Elite Administrators. It is extraordinarily difficult for us to just relax and play the games. We are constantly being messaged with problems that need our attention, and can rarely focus solely on the game at hand. Speaking for myself, I have learned that it is better NOT to be overtly sociable when I play. To do so often is interpreted as an “invitation” to casual conversation, usually involving suggestion or complaints regarding the league, and once I open that door it’s very hard to shut it without appearing to be truly rude.

For this reason, except in a couple of leagues where I know most of the regulars well, I usually show up for tourneys only when pairs are posted, rarely chat at the game tables, and leave promptly upon reporting.

Finally, your incredibly arrogant stance that Balouza (and by extension all Elite Staff) “need” you more than you “need” us is neither correct nor polite. This league does not even come close to paying for itself, and possibly never will. It is a labor of love by a very large staff of volunteer workers. Again, speaking for myself, I don’t “need” to spend over 40 hours a week administrating this league, I do it for the greater good, because someone has to. I do not respond well to insinuations that you, or anyone else, has “bought” the right to dictate to me by spending $10 to help support this community from which you derive such obvious benefit.

Balouza and I, and other EliteLeague Administrators, work very hard on your behalf, and we have found a social pattern that allows us to also enjoy our playing time in this league we have created for you, the players. That’s the bottom line.


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