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7/20/2018 - 12:21  EST

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Re: balouza n games variations bear_music      6/30/2002 16:06


Please see my response to Lion’s message for our position on the issue of sociability and general politeness. Let me add that I have a hard time seeing how any “friendly” person can justify suggesting to all members who do not meet HER criterion for “friendliness” that they take their business elsewhere.

In response to the rest of your message, I have a few very important things to say:

1. You are a member of EliteLeague staff. You have specific avenues of communication open to you if you have constructive suggestions to make regarding any game-specific issues. It is not acceptable for staff to take a public stance against Elite administration. This only leads to divided loyalties and a breakdown in civility. If you wish to lead a “public” movement to change the way Elite is administrated, it would be best if you did so after resigning as a TD. Always bearing in mind, of course, that even AFTER your resignation we would not tolerate personal attacks on either other players or administration in general. There’s a constructive way to go about things, and a destructive way. You can’t destroy us. Think about it.

2. EliteLeague was created as an alternative to the complete nonsense and political bickering we observed in all other ladders’ administration. EliteLeague is NOT run by the players, it is run by the most objective and professional administrative staff we can put together. Decisions are NOT made by “any 1 person”, they are made by many people all observing well-defined hierarchies and guidelines. We take into account the players’ desires, of course, this is very important to us, but the situation is not that simple. We have a strict philosophy of NOT having Elite be a haven for “junk” games, and we cater to the more serious players as far as possible, the ones that like the “real” game and legitimate, skillful variations thereof.

3. Following the above guidelines, we have a specific procedure in place for testing and ratifying of new tourney types. Your HA knows how that works, feel free to discuss it with her. But this forum is NOT the place for staff to take administration on in a battle of wills.

That said, for your information we are still looking at the laundry list of “new” Canasta formats recently sent to us. Most of these, while undoubtedly amusing, do not meet our criteria for games that can be impartially administrated and that reward skill in the playing. However the “no out” variation seems to us a legitimate and easily administered version of the game. If your HA is in favor, you should see that variation showing up on your playlists shortly. Nevertheless, you cannot hasten the process by making public demands on us. We have many leagues to administer, and all of them have needs.


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