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9/19/2018 - 13:44  EST

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Reverse 101 kierk11     10/25/2004 23:38

With all the new players, thought this might be helpful. I don't claim to be the best, or even good, and I'm not sure if this is an appropriate post, but here it goes.

Reverse is tricky, especially for the newbies, so here are what I think are some general guide lines that might be helpful.

1) Pick your worst suit (this should be obvious)
2) Lead 10s if possible. Idealy, lead a 10 in a suit you have no ace.
3) Play aces on aces, even if it's your Partners trick.
4) Look for clues to what suit you can lead. For example, if you lead a 10, and your P also plays a 10, chances are you know the other guys have the aces. This is a good suit to lead.
5) Try and steal a trick. For example, lets say two aces have been played in a suit, and you have the other 2 aces. Lead a King. This might get your opponents to take the trick with a 10, where if you didn't, you would take it with your aces.
6) Do NOT be in a hurry to play out trump. I have noticed that people are often desperate to get rid of their trump. Remember, 75% of the points fall in the first 50% of the tricks. When you notice an opponent able to sluff off suit aces on your trump, don't lead it. Try and get them to use their aces to your advantage.
7) The tricky part is when you should dump your points on your Partners tricks, and when you shouldn't. For example, I have a 10, K, Q, J of a suit. The player on my left leads the suit, and my partner plays an ace. I will sluff of and throw the Q. I know I can play the points on the other aces. However, After the aces are played, and it's my Partners 10...I might lay my 10 on it. Better to take one point, then to take the next trick.

Well, hopefully other can add to this. Just off the top of my head. Just trying to help out some folks, and make it more fun for all.


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