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9/23/2018 - 09:20  EST

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How to play 8 ball MamaBear764     11/17/2009 09:58

How to play 8ball

Pool 8 is a game for two players played on a table with seven solid colored balls (solids), seven striped balls(striped), and one black ball (the 8-ball).

The object of this game is to use a cue stick and a white cue ball to hit your set of balls (either striped or solid) into the table pockets. Players use their cue stick to hit the white cue ball. The white cue ball should then contact a colored or striped ball and propel the ball into one of the table's six pockets. The first player to shoot all of his set of balls (either striped or solid) into the pockets must then shoot the black 8-ball into a nominated pocket to win the game.

If during a player's turn, he pockets one of his balls without committing a foul, he continues playing (see below for a list of fouls). If the player fails to pocket one of his balls, pockets one of his opponent's balls by accident, or commits a foul, it then becomes the opposing player's turn. If at any time, a player accidentally pockets the white cue ball, (even if he pocketed one of his own balls during the shot) it becomes the other player's turn. Any player that intentionally or unintentionally pockets the black 8-ball BEFORE pocketing his set of balls automatically loses the game.

The game starts with all balls (except for the white cue ball) placed in a triangle formation at one end of the table. The player that is going to "break" the balls, places the white cue ball anywhere in the lower quarter of the table that is furthest from the balls. The player then "breaks" the triangular formation of balls using the white cue ball. If during the break, the player pockets a ball, he can continue to pocket that ball set for the rest of the game OR he can begin to pocket the other ball set. If he sinks both a striped and a solid during the break, he can choose which set of balls he wishes to pocket during the game. In other words, it doesn't matter how many or what color (striped or solid) balls the player pockets during the break. The first ball that a player pockets AFTER the break determines what color set he will pocket for the rest of the game.

After a player has pocketed all balls of his set, he must then pocket the black ball. Before shooting for the black ball, the game will ask the player to first nominate which pocket he intends to shoot the black ball into. After the player nominates a pocket, he must then shoot the ball into that pocket. If the player pockets the black ball into the pocket that he nominated, he wins and the game is over. If the player pockets the black ball into a pocket other than the nominated pocket, he loses and the game is over. If the player does not pocket the black ball, it becomes the opposing player's turn.

To read more about the pool8 rules, Click here

Pool8d Rules have been updated. Help Topic 3356 Please take a moment to read this Help Topic, including the different games being offered in Pool8d.

Having trouble getting into 8ball through gamedesire???? I have good news for you then. Click the link below and then save it into your favorites, bookmarks or desktop. Click here

If you still cannot get into the room, please try this approach: You cannot install our games Hope this helps.

Evie (MamaBear764)
League Director for GD

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