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9/22/2018 - 10:10  EST

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Misclicks and Misbids bear_music      9/11/2002 02:22


For every story, there's another side. Bear with me while I lay out a scenario:

I'm playing in a mirrors match, every hand has to bid its spades. It's the last and, we're down by 100 points. My partner bids 1, oppo to my right bids 6, I look at my hand and have the AK of spades and 3 more Aces, no long suit.

I bid my 2, I'm thanking the Yahoo gods for a sure winner, my losing streak is finally over. Then my left oppo bids 5 (14 bid), says "Oops, misclick! Please cancel hand!"

Now, by the rules that team just lost the match. If we'd PLAYED the hand my team was almost sure to win. The oppos, if DQ'd, say it wasn't "fair", but if they are allowed toplay the hand over they may just as likely get the great hand and go on to win. I don't think it's "fair" that my team loses our closeout because their team made a booboo.

And I haven't even addressed the issue of whether it's an "honest" misclick, or whether the misbidder might just have a dreck of a hand with all low spades and no honors (remember, I have most of them).

Now, the way it used to be, it was allowed to request a redeal if a mistake was made. But in a situation like this, where I KNOW I'd have won the hand, I'd refuse and then I would be criticized for being a poor sport.

So we tried allowing one free misbid per team, but guess what? We started getting a LOT of misbids, seems like everyone made one a game... They were using the misbid rule as a "get out of jail free card".

Not cool at all.

So we put our heads together, decided hey, this ain't rocket science. It's rules. Read 'em and follow 'em. Just do it. And since we eliminated the possibility of redos, the number of misbids has dropped dramatically. Kinda makes you think...

Now, think about a regular, plain vanilla spades game. I mean to clik 1, I misclick and click 3, should I get a redo? Same problem... With a lousy 1-bid, maybe (just maybe) that "misclick" was unconsciously intentional?

I'm sure you get my drift. If we allow misbids to be corrected by passing hands, then it is inevitable that players will feel their opponents are cheating, in many cases, and this is a Bad Thing.

The only exception we have is Roulette, where we allow one misbid per team. The reason is simple: roulette is completely unnatural, we have a sort of reflex action to hit 'show" and reveal our cards, after which a dnil is no longer possible. And since, by definition, the "misbid" occurs BEFORE THE PLAYER HAS SEEN HIS CARDS, the potential for abuse is less.

The best solution here is for someone to keep typing "MIRRORS" or "DNIL" durign the bidding of eachhand. WSe do not see our way clear to opening the Pandora's Box of passed hands on misbids again, it was causing a tremendous amount of stress.

Very few of our games, in any case, are governed by this rule: Mirrors, reverse mirrors, 3-or-more, and roulette probably account for less than 15% of spades tourneys, is my guess. Suicide is controlled byyahoo, you can't NOT bid nil if you are required to.

Please, look at it this way: ANY misbid is a mistake. If we open the dorr to passed hands again, then we begin to get pressure to allow hands to be passed because "Dang, I meant to bid 5!", and this, at the least, constitutes passing information to your partner.

We'll leave it the way it is, and just ask y'all to please be careful, and if you have problems with misbidding maybe not enter these types of tourneys.


NB: While I am not currently Spades Admin, I was the original HA in Spades and have been involved in the development of this rule from the beginning, so I have taken the liberty of posting our reasoning and the history behind it.

NB2: Here's a secret trick: get those little post-it notes, and when you have an oddball tourney, write "BID SPADES" or "NO PEEK" or "3 OR NIL" on it, and stick it on your screen right under where your cards show. This is what I do. I do it in Euchre too, for "no loners" tourneys.

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