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7/19/2018 - 15:05  EST

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Re: Slow play vs Impatience uofmnsigmachi      3/18/2011 13:50

Smils, I completely respect your opinion. I would argue that the discussion should be more about "leisurely player vs. pre-occupied player". I take more than my fair share of timers due to the fact that I frequently play at work and get tied up unexpectedly, and have personally been trying to be better about being in the room when I sign up for a tournament. However, there are certain players that consistently show up 3-8 minutes late. I'm not talking about every once in a while (as Iím guilty of myself) but almost every single tournament. A lot of times they also play very slow once they arrive.

I look at it this way, if you're going to be late, play quickly since you've already held everyone up. If you want to play at a leisurely BUT NOT SPERATIC, pace, and think about what you're doing and enjoy yourself, that's fine, but don't join multiple tournaments at once. There are a few players that seem to be in 2-3 tournaments at one time and are not only slow, but inconsistent (random 30-45 second pauses, so not long enough for a timer).

My other pet-peeve is when people take a long timer and then just show up without saying anything about it, like they are the guest of honor and everyone should be happy to wait for them.

As far as slow play, many of us have children or health problems that cause our play to be a little erratic, and I completely understand that. Those players with conditions that cause slower play or players that just like to enjoy the game tend to let people know that, and as stated by Homer, we can decide whether to play in tournaments with those people, or not.

I never start a tournament when I know I'm going to need to be "in charge" of my son, but occasionally my wife will have a phone call or want to step away for a while in the middle, and I try to just let people know and apologize for being slower to finish the game, or request a sub.

I've found that if someone says things such as "sorry, my son needs his medicine", "Sorry, my computer's acting up", "Sorry, Iím not feeling well today", etc., people are very understanding. Again, when I become "impatient" tends to be when someone is playing slowly (usually to find out theyíre busy with another game or two) and pretend they don't see requests to keep pace or don't give a reason why they are delaying the game. Some people say "sorry, Iím in two at once", which at least explains things, but my response is "don't join two if you can't keep up".

Anyway, sorry for the long, rambling, post. As far as the TD's are concerned, I think we, as players, take for granted just how great and attentive ALMOST ALL of the td's are. What makes us realize how much we take them for granted is when we have one that is not that way, which while rare, shows how spoiled we have become. My only request would be that td's try their best to stay on top of consistently slow play, especially when this is due to multiple tournaments.

To close, the driver in the RIGHT lane that decides they are not in a hurry and want to go slightly under the speed limit and enjoy their drive does NOT deserve to be tailgated and honked at. However, itís a completely different story with the driver that's in the PASSING lane driving under the speed limit and refusing to get over because they're either stubborn and looking for a confrontation, or because they are too busy smoking a cigarette and talking on the cell phone at the same timeÖ

Thank you all!

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