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Spades tips and strategies part 2 buckeye_4_ever_1970     10/28/2003 14:44

In a 5/500 game, if you see that after hand 2 your team or the opponents are in no danger of bagging, (less than 3 bags) go for the set every hand. The reason for this is, the chances of your team taking 7 or more bags in 3 hands is extremely unlikely and the same applies to giving your opponents the bags. Also, bags count as points. I have won plenty of games because I had the bag advantage on or after the last hand. If you happen to set, you just increased your chances of winning. You will often find that your opponents stay in a sluffing mode to avoid bags, which helps your chance of setting. This is especially true in a game like mirrors 5/500 games where the chances of a team bagging are almost slim to nil.

When bidding in last hand, be aware of the score and all the possible scenarios and bid accordingly. If you are bidding first on the team always keep in mind how your bid will affect your partnerís bid.
If your opponent and partner are both nil and your opponents will win if they make the nil. You have to play full set on either the nil or the nil's partnerís bid; this may cause your partner to get set but his nil is useless unless your oppís get set.

Be cautious of hands in which you have 9 or more cards, in one or two suits (one or two suited) or 11 or more cards in three suits. With these hands, someone is usually nil. If someone isn't nil, they are usually good hands to set with or be set with. A lot of Aces and Kings get trumped in hands like this.

The Lead:

Try never leading a suit with the King in hand unless you also have the Q in which case u can lead your K first just in case your partner has the Ace.

Usually the first card a person plays (exception when leading Aces and Kings) after taking the lead is usually his short suit. So as a partner you should try to return the suit if possible.

Never Lead a smaller card if you have the honor card in your hand. Foe example donít lead the K when you have the A in your hand because if your partner is void in that suit he might cut your K thinking the oppís have the Ace.

Don't lead a non-spade suit that the person on your right is void in.

Don't lead a non-spade suit that you know the player on your left is void in, unless you know your partner is void in the suit also.

End of part 2

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