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9/24/2018 - 04:35  EST

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Spades Tips bassfishing1953     1/24/2005 15:49

Hi all Spaders, I am writing this because I want to share my own experiences, hints and tips. Am hoping one of these days thatís these will be incorporated in the eliters corporate help menu but till then am posting them in here so at least all the games are in the club.

Many players call our alternative games - silly, gay, stupid.... other words - Actually all the games have a unique skill and strategy to win. Please try to play them all and enjoy them. Most of them are only 25 yeps to enter.

I am also not going to repeat the rules for any of the games - they are available under other help topics.

REGULAR 5/500: This is our basic game and the one offered the most. It is actually a very difficult format for a new player just starting to play tourneys. Most new players are used to playing to the full 500-point format. The 5/500 format takes time to get used to Ė be patient. The "5" stands for hands - rarely is 500 points achieved in this format (but it can happen). Probably the most common reason for losing is partners trying to win the game in the 1st few hands and taking risky bids or risky nilís. At the same time when u get to the 3rd and 4th hand and are behind you may need to be a bit more aggressive on the bids. DBL NIL is also an option in the 5th hand (others do it sooner - I donít suggest that) to try and pull the win out. My best advice is to be conservative and let the other team make the mistakes.

NO NILS: I like this format because it makes players concentrate on the bid more. The most important thing here is to watch the bids. An overbid and a set will make it almost impossible to come back. Watch the score you may have to start taking risk if your behind and your in hand 4-5. Try and set when possible especially on 11-13 total bids. Bags usually donít come into play in this game.

NO DBL NILS: Itís really the same as Regular except it takes that last ditch DBL NIL out of the game. Play it the same as Regular. If you have a substantial lead do not take any unnecessary risk. If your behind look for the possible nilís or a set to even the match.

MIRRORS: My personal favorite and probably really the most complicated game to win. Itís always a 13 bid so you want to go for a possible set every time. What makes this game harder than the rest is you have to look hard at each card played. Make them other suits count (hearts - diamonds - clubs). What makes this game more complicated is the actual bid means nothing. (For example a player with a 1 bid - could have 4-5). Once spades are broke it really gets interesting if the other team is low on spades you want to make them use them till they are dry. At the same time if your team is high in spades use them wisely and donít run spades cause your partner is using theirs also. Try and get the other team in a "crossfire." Chances are you and your partner are low in other suits so if you know your partner has no clubs for example lead them if you have the lead and have that suit. Have fun with this one I do

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