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Spades Tips Last Post bassfishing1953     1/24/2005 15:52

ZOOS QUEEN: One of our most interesting formats. It is usually obvious who has the queen and the key is to stick it or protect it. Protecting it is tough cause she likes to have the king or ace around her. Bringing it out is usually easier. There are several strategies in this game. Donít overbid when that queen gets set she likes to come back and set your team. Another thing to consider is if your partner obviously has the queen and you have a nil hand you might want to try the nil to offset the set nil. The danger is you wont get any real points and your partner may bag a lot - so the score becomes important. On the other hand if youíre in the lead some points are better than a set nil.

ROULETTE: One of them just have fun games. While mostly luck there are a few tips. If you know your set and sitting on the Ace of spades then take the lead and protect your partner. At the same time look for an opening to set at least one of the opponents dbl nilís. Example: If you lead an ace and your partner throws a low card - then the next hand lead the same suit with a low card - not too low now! If both of you and your partner get set then stop taking tricks and try and set the other team. Bags can lose this game watch them.

SUICIDE: Saved this for last. This game you love or hate! A few things usually happen: Your partner makes a bid (other than nil) and your sitting over there with the ace or a real high hand and have to nil. Or your partner nils and you have the nil and cannot possibly cover them. If your forced into a nil and know your set take a trick as soon as possible then try and set the other teams nil. Itís usually safe to make a 5-6 bid in this game even if you donít have it because with the 2 nils on the table extra-unknown tricks are going to happen. Bags can win or lose the game. Itís rare but if you think you have a better nil than your partner consider trying it - Works sometimes but be careful when doing it.

Submitted by: Bassfishing1953 - most importantly have fun and GOOD LUCK in your games. Hope this helps

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