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Spades Tips Cont. bassfishing1953     1/24/2005 15:51

REVERSE MIRRORS: To me this is one of our fun - relax - and have a good time games. Luck comes into play more than the rest of the other formats. The Key is the lowest score wins. Try and avoid the lead at all times. On the other hand if your partner has the "trick" and you have a face card or ace then take the trick from them and come back with a low card. If your partner has a real high hand and cannot shake the lead - take it from them as soon as you can and try to come back with a low spade to turn the lead around.

CROOKED MIRRORS: Mirrors with a twist - This is one of them have fun - relax - enjoy - anything can happen games. Most of the suggestions for mirrors still apply. Make them Aces and Kings count!!!! Personally I try to hold off trumping till I have to. The other suits are the ones that are going to win or lose the game. The best thing to watch for is that you or your partner only have “one” in the bid suit – say hearts – get that suit out there and play it. Lots of possibilities open up.

3 OR MORE: The "3" is really the key. Many are going to disagree with me on this one but here it goes. BID "3" do not bid more than that unless there is a nil on the table. The main reason for this is that your partner may not have a "nil" bids "3" and really only has one. Be very careful when bidding nil. Remember it’s going to be a potential 9 bid on the table and the opponents are going to do their best to set that nil. Risky nils usually end in disaster and are hard to overcome. In this game the most important person is your partner watch what they are throwing it will give you some clue on how good their bid really is.

FACE OFF: My personal "albatross" Its easy to misbid in this game and your out of the tourney. The key to this game is getting past the bid. Count - Count and Count again then bid. use the "Power Cards" Aces and Kings early. This is one of the few of the alternative games where the bid actually does tell you a lot. Its a constant total 12 bid so always go for the set - bags rarely come into play in this game. Aces are your friends in this game just don’t use them in the bid.

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