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Eliters is a Fun and Family League, No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering.
Eliters serves ads on its site in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Using our site means that you acknowledge acceptance of this policy.
1/18/2019 - 18:06  EST

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Hall of Fame >>

Month Player
March 2015lollipop1960ca
August 2014p_nuck_nut69
June 2014drsally3
March 2014lostandsugar
January 2014dusty_044
December 2013silverladyAz
November 2013weston8998
October 2013NIKE_GOLFMAN4
September 2013hall_katie
August 2013mistressinblacksilk
July 2013tangerine_tosh
June 2013drsally3
May 2013ssmuffin1775
April 2013coachri01
March 2013awfulcapper9
February 2013eterraccino
January 2013a31plus
December 2012lostandsugar
November 2012mrspeboty
October 2012silverladyAz
September 2012hall_katie
August 2012joe041983
July 2012mistressinblacksilk
June 2012drsally3
May 2012capgun72
April 2012md6785
March 2012aaagpaof3
February 2012Wsavedwretch
January 2012bombiex420
December 2011lynchs97
November 2011mrspeboty
October 2011coachri01
September 2011ssmuffin1775
August 2011crispy1007
July 2011randys_yang
June 2011drsally3
May 2011NochlHead77
April 2011branch.diamond
March 2011vdp19472000
January 2011adesawaya1
December 2010franinseattle
November 2010lynchs97
October 2010bingoville
September 2010luana.dees
August 2010silverladyAz
July 2010xdestinyxtc
June 2010drsally3
May 2010scotttdurham
April 2010iluv_pino22
March 2010branch.diamond
February 2010angelsiluv54
January 2010andrea021582
December 2009watertowerman1
November 2009kracken1900
October 2009lynchs97
September 2009ladytaxiinla
August 2009tds800_04
July 2009cowboyz1973
June 2009drsally3
May 2009ssmuffin1775
April 2009robbie_fan_of_18
March 2009p_nuck_nut69
February 2009silverladyAz
January 2009omagartenzwerg
December 2008Damsel719
November 2008elmwoodplebis
October 2008md6785
September 2008judge59
August 2008tbolt17948
July 2008mermaidartist12
June 2008drsally3
May 2008cowboyz1973
April 2008tykejr2004
March 2008p_nuck_nut69
February 2008Dollar4Eighty
January 2008silverladyAz

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Disclaimer: Eliters is a fun, friendly, and family tournament-based online League. Eliters Members can play online tournaments in many games of skill available on Free Play Sites on the Internet. Eliters is a non-gambling skill-based competition; No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering; Eliters is Free to all; you can register, participate in tournaments, and win points to continue playing forever completely Free.