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Eliters is a Fun and Family League, No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering.
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3/26/2019 - 21:39  EST

  Eliters International Championship Game Help 

  Eliters International Championship
(Euchre Yahoo!)
July 2006

ELIC URL  :  http://www.eliters.com/elic?id=35
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golfinmom56+island2itself (USA)

Championship Information
From Jun 01, 2006
To Noon Jul 01, 2006
Country Allocation
13:00 PM on Jul 01, 2006
Country Tourneys
From Jul 01, 2006
To Jul 10, 2006
Format ,,
Fees (YEPs) 100
Players in Team will share the YEPs Prize
Winner: 45% of YEPs Pot
Runner Up: 20% of YEPs Pot
Semi Finalist 1: 05% of YEPs Pot
Semi Finalist 2: 05% of YEPs Pot
Winner and Runner Up Teams
will be automatically registered
in the Championship Tourney
Round Finish by 11:59 AM
1 Jul 04, 2006
2 Jul 07, 2006
3 Jul 10, 2006
Championship Tourney
From Jul 11, 2006
To Jul 28, 2006
Format ,,
Fees (YEPs) 250
Partners will split the US$ and YEPs Prize
Each Player in Team will get a Premium Mem.
Winner: 12-Month Gold*
45% of YEPs Pot
Runner Up: 6-Month Gold**
20% of YEPs Pot
Semi Finalist 1: Silver***
05% of YEPs Pot
Semi Finalist 2: Silver***
05% of YEPs Pot
No Entry Bonus; or 5000 YEPs if already Gold plus
**  No Entry Bonus; or 3000 YEPs if already Gold plus
***  No Entry Bonus; or 1500 YEPs if already Silver plus
Round Finish by 23:59 PM
1 Jul 13, 2006
2 Jul 16, 2006
3 Jul 19, 2006
4 Jul 22, 2006
5 Jul 25, 2006
6 Jul 28, 2006

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