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Eliters is a Fun and Family League, No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering.
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Promote Eliters Last Update: 11/8/2013


The objective of this Guide is to introduce you to the various ways and tools you can use to promote Eliters.

By promoting Eliters.com, you will achieve the following:
- Earn YEPs.
- Develop Eliters into a larger and more competitive gaming community.
- Help us stay online and improve our service for you.

Referral Program

  • Earn 250 YEPs for every new Member you refer, and who:
    - Registers in Eliters,
    - Uses an email not already used for another ID in Eliters,
    - Plays and wins at least 5 Matches in Tourneys.

    These Referral Bonuses are posted:
    -  At the beginning of each week for the whole previous period excluding the last 7 days.
    -  After validating the new Member. This bonus will not apply if the Member ID is purged for multiple IDs or any other violation.
  • Earn an additional 500 YEPs as soon as your friend buys a Premium Membership.
    -  This Premium Referral Bonus is added immediately to your YEPs balance.
    -  In case another Member buys the Membership for the new Member, the Premium Referral Bonus goes to the buyer.
  • If you are a Gold Plus Member (Gold, Platinum, Diamond) , the referral Bonuses above are doubled.
  • This referral bonus does not apply in the cases of obtaining a Free Membership as a Tourney or Event Prize.
  • Any abuse or manipulation of the Referral Program through the use of Multiple IDs or other methods will not be tolerated, the penalty will be double the Referral Bonus illegally acquired, and all involved IDs may be banned permanently.
  • Your Referral Code (Link): http://www.yourid.eliters.org/
  • TDs: Please note that if the new Member uses your Tourney shorcut, e.g. www.301250.eliters.org, and registers as a Member, your ID will be considered the Referrer.

Tell a Friend about Eliters

  • Fill a small form, and your friend will receive an email introducing Eliters with your Referral Code (Link).
  • If your friend clicks on the Referral Link, and registers in Eliters, you will get the Referral Bonus as per the rules shown above.

Invite to Join Eliters

  • Spread out the word about Eliters!
  • Post your Referral Link in gaming forums, message boards, groups, clubs, game lobbies, and chat rooms, to invite new members to join Eliters.
  • Please NO excessive and mass spamming.
  • To avoid confusion in Game Rooms and Lobbies, please restrict the Join Announcement to one message at a time; don't post your link if another one is already posted. If a TD is Hosting, spamming the Link should be restricted to this TD.
  • Excessive spamming or abuse of this program will not be tolerated. Abusers will be penalized up to banning from Eliters.

Like Eliters

  • Visit our Page at facebook and twitter; and post any message you wish to pass to all Eliters.
  • Click on Like Eliters, and the Badges..

Link to Us

  • Add a text link or a banner (with your Referral Code) to your website, your profile or to any other gaming website or search engine.
  • We have a wide variety of text links and banners that you can add to your website.

Reciprocal Links

  • Add your link to Eliters using our Exchange Links program.

Set Eliters as your default Home Page

  • For quick access to Eliters, set your browser Main Page using simple instructions.

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Premium Members
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and get Huge Benefits.
Promote Eliters
Invite your friends;
earn up to 1500 YEPs.
Enjoy Fun Games
Gold Box Spinners
Grids Puzzles
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