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Yahtzee (Pogo Yahtzee Party) Last Update: 10/16/2016


Welcome to Eliters YAHTZEE PARTY Pogo League (yahtzp). YAHTZEE PARTY Pogo Tourneys are played in 1xN AA (Against All) and 1x1 tournament type; needing 2 or more players to start.


Pogo YAHTZEE PARTY  is a multiplayer game and requires no settings. All players play independently on their own card. Lobbies are limited to 10-20 players. Please make sure you can enter lobby prior to registering in all Tourneys. There are no guarantees that back doors will always work if lobby is full.

If you cannot see your opponent playing during the course of your match, please alert the TD immediately. If you are unsure of your match results, then simply post your score in Eliters Messenger (EM) which can be found on the Tourney page.

It is possible that matches will end in a tie. If this is the case, the match will be replayed in the following game, using the same Tourney specific rules. Please be attentive to the lobby, as a tie will delay the start of the next round for those involved. RR Tourneys have a different arrangement; please see the RR section below.

Please note, that players will be limited to playing in 2 Tourneys at the same time in Yahtzp. Players attempting to play in 3 Tourneys simultaneously will be asked to withdraw if possible from the 3rd Tourney, or must report loss in the 3rd Tourney (the last one they joined) if they are still playing in both of the prior Tourneys. Failure to do so will result in an automatic DQ from the 3rd Tourney.

Round Points:

A number will be used to express the number of Games to win; The letter w will be used to specify the Number of Games to Win to advance.
• 1 = 1 Game
• 2w = 2 out of 3 Games, or the first to win 2 Games advances
• 3w = 3 out of 5 Games, or the first to win 3 Games advances


Tourneys will start with the game immediately following Tourney start time. (Example: If start time is 19:00 and a game is in progress, the following game will be the first game.) Players should wait for TD to announce start before playing their matches.

The TD will close and start Tourney at the conclusion of previous game after frame 10 has been played.

Should there be a game starting, within sight of Official Start time, TD may ask all in Tourney to start bowling on playing when the game starts. TD will then close/start Tourney at posted start time, and announce pairs. TDs are trained to ensure all registered players are rolling, and if not, will announce in lobby that Tourney will start at beginning of next game.


YAHTZEE PARTY Pogo does not use timers. If the player is late arriving to the lobby, the player will start their individual game with whatever time is left. No make up games allowed. It is the player's responsibility to allow enough time to get into the lobby for their Tourney.

 If a player is booted during the current game, they can come back and finish their current game if they make it back in time. If player does not make it into lobby or back into lobby, their score for that round will be zero.


Pogo YAHTZEE PARTY League will run Tourneys in the following formats; the main format being AA (Aginst All) 1xN MP (Many Players) :

  • AA (Against All - 1xN): See Help Topic 2241.
  • SE (Single Elimination - 1x1, 2x2): See Help Topic 2211.
  • DE (Double Elimination - 1x1, 2x2): See Help Topic 2221.
  • RR (Round Robin - 1x1): See Help Topic 2231.


For a complete list and description of YATZYP Tourney Special Rules variations; please refer to:

If 2 or more Eliters Players get an equal Score; the tied players should participate in the next game, until one of the Eliters in the Tourney win the game.


As with all RR matches, in YATZYP losing players must record loss in EM, e.g. "lost rd1". In the eventuality of tied scores in RRs, unless in Match 3, then players will replay match against their opponent, and also play in the following match simultaneously. For example, Player-A ties with Player-B in Match 2, then both Player-A and Player-B will play each other again, and also against their Match 3 opponents at the same time.

In the event RR is tied after Round 1, with a 2-player tie, players will compete as normal. With a 3-player tie, all 3 players will play 1 game to decide the outcome:

  • If the game outcome is a different score for each player, the lower score player will report to the higher score player(s).
  • If there is a tie for 1st, the lowest scoring player should report 2 losses to EM, and the top 2 play again for win.
  • If tie for 2nd, each player should report loss to EM to the top player, and could either play for the match win, or accept a loss by reporting this to EM.


For help on how to play Pogo Yahtzee Party (including rules of the game, its history and background), visit:

For general help on all Pogo Games, visit:

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