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How Groups will operate? Last Update: 6/23/2004


Each Group will have its own organizational identity across Eliters (i.e. not associated with a specific League).

  • Groups will not split the Leagues, nor compete with the Leagues.
  • Groups are not duplicates of the Leagues.
  • Groups are just another dimension to monitor and analyze performance within Eliters.
  • Special Rooms will be assigned for each Group in each Game/Play Site; they will be different rooms than the Regular Leagues Rooms .
  • Each Group will have its own Group Administrator reporting directly to the Groups Director.
  • Certain TDs may be assigned to a specific group; they will serve the Group in their original Game/Play Site.
  • A Group may have activities (Tourneys & Events) in all Leagues within the current setup of Leagues.
  • Each Group will have its own Tourneys within the present League and Tourney system. e.g. The Spanish Group may host tourneys in Literati Yahoo through the present Tourney System of LITY.
  • The Tourney Calendar will show the League as usual with an affix identifying the Group if any, example Y Canasta (it).
  • Statistics for each League will continue to encompass all tourneys and matches played in the various Groups. e.g. A Literati Yahoo Tourney played by the Spanish Group will have the Tourney records, statistics and result showing in the LITY stats (Tourneys, Matches, Players and TDs stats).
  • Each Group will have its own sectorial stats across all Leagues (horizontal slice of Leagues). e.g. the Spanish Group Players will have consolidated Players Ranking, Matches and Tourneys Stats in all Leagues (If 4 LITY Tourneys and 6 DOY Tourneys were played by the Spanish Group, the Group Stats will show 10 Tourneys).

Each Group will be supplied with the following tools and resources:

  • Tourney Calendar showing Tourneys targeted to the Group from all Leagues.
  • Players Statistics showing overall Group Players consolidated stats for all Leagues.
  • Group Statistics (Tourneys, Matches and Prizes).
  • Club (forum).
  • Links page to highlight resources related to the Group (play rooms, translators, references...).
Example: Spanish Group
  • A Spanish Group is created to gather Spanish speaking Members in one community.
  • The Group will have the affix (esl) added to all Leagues activities and tourneys.
  • A Group administrator was appointed.
  • Any Eliter may join this Group, but should be a Spanish speaking Player, if s/he intends to play in Literati. However, in case the Group chooses to expand the activity to another League (such as BGY, where the language is not a barrier), and assigns the TDs to host in that League, non Spanish speaking Players may join and Play in the Spanish Group.
  • This Group will initially host Tourneys in Spanish in LITY.
  • This Group will have an assigned Literati room "napa".
  • 2 or more Spanish speaking TDs were appointed at LITY. These TDs will be an integral part of the LITY staff, and may host in any LITY assigned Room, but preferably in the assigned Literati room "napa".
  • These GTDs will create all their tourneys in "napa" and will show "esl" Group, so Spanish speaking Players may join the tourney, and all lobby chat will be in Spanish.
  • Any non-Spanish speaking Player may join the Spanish Group Tourneys (such as BGY, where the language is not a barrier), but they should accept the fact that rules, chat and other announcements will be in Spanish.

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