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Site Development - The Continuing Evolution of Eliters.com Last Update: 12/16/2011


Eliters.com, from its beginning as EliteLeague.com, has been involved in a process of continuous and rapid evolution. As much as possible, this process is following a master plan laid out in the beginning, with changes being made to the plan itself as practical realities have demanded.

We are intensely aware that there are literally tens of thousands of things that might be done to tweak the Site one way or another, or to change Eliters rules in one direction or another. It is our responsibility to prioritize all potential changes to allow our resources (time, money and manpower) to be focused so as to accrue maximum benefits to, and minimum disruption of, the Eliters community as a whole.

While we are grateful for, and actively seek, ideas, suggestions, and evaluation from both Members and Staff, for the above reasons we cannot and will not be bound by them. Polls, for example, do not perform the same function as a “vote” in a democracy: they reflect Administration’s desire for feedback on an issue before making a decision. The same holds true of discussions, whether in the Club or by email, where Admin seeks feedback from Members and Staff: we will take this feedback into consideration, but for many reasons we cannot be bound by “consensus”, especially as those forming the consensus cannot usually see the “whole picture”.

In evaluating the benefits of any change there are many factors that must be considered and not all of them are immediately obvious. For example, suppose someone came up with an absolutely terrific concept of how to change the manner in which the system determines the opponents in the tournament chart. On the surface, it is an excellent idea – however, further analysis reveals, let us say, that in order to implement this idea we would have to make changes not only in the seeding software itself but also in some aspect of the rating formula. Both of these are fundamental to Eliters, and changes in such areas have a nasty habit of cascading throughout the system, frequently with unanticipated side effects.

So, in the above hypothetical example, we determine, first, that it’s a good idea. However, as we look into what’s involved to implement it the idea becomes less attractive. It will pull programming and Administrative manpower from other projects, all of them currently planned and scheduled. Not only that, but if we did implement this “expensive” idea the repercussions of the change to the ratings formula itself would require the investment of tremendous amounts of Administrative time after the fact to deal with howls of complaint from those who preferred things as they were.

Therefore, the project is moved to the “for Future Consideration List”.

As a matter of routine, the following steps are usually followed in analyzing, implementing, and introducing improvements to the Eliters.com Site.

Identifying the Change

  • Change ideas may come from 3 different sources:
    • Members & Staff suggestions & ideas, by submitting a Ticket using the Category Suggestions.
    • Problems & errors occurring on Site, reported by any Member or Staff, by submitting a Ticket using the Category Site General >> Page Errors.
    • Our long-term strategy, to expand Eliters and develop it to the best Gaming Site Online.
  • All ideas are noted, then studied taking into consideration the following factors:
    • Importance of the idea.
    • Urgency (errors and problems require immediate attention).
    • Difficulty of design and implementation.
    • Time required to implement.
  • We have lots of ideas and suggestions on our “To Evaluate List”:
    • Some of these ideas will be rejected if they are found impossible technically, or not viable, or if they require further consideration.
    • Some ideas will be postponed and pushed back on the list as more important or urgent ideas come up.
  • Once the ideas are analyzed and prioritized, specific projects and tasks are added as resources permit to the Systems Development Team’s “To Do List”.

    Unfortunately, we cannot evaluate every idea and suggestion on the spot, we cannot promise a timetable, and we also cannot offer personalized feedback on each idea. Members and Staff both must realize that we go through literally hundreds of such suggestions each month, and to respond to each specifically and personally is not a valid use of limited Administrative time.

    What we can promise is that we don't ignore any good idea or suggestion, and most importantly that we will never stop working to keep Eliters.com the most informative, the friendliest, and the fastest gaming Site on the Internet.

Introducing Change

  • The Systems Development Team works on designing and programming the additions and improvements according to specifications given to them by Administration, which itself has taken into consideration ideas, suggestions, requests, and feedback compiled from Members and Staff.

    Please note, most changes, additions, and improvements cannot and will not be “discussed” with the Eliters Community or Staff at large before they are introduced. Long experience has shown us that attempts to build consensus take more time than they are worth, and result in watered-down solutions as well. From time to time we do seek the feedback of the community on issues, by discussion in the Clubs and/or through polls, but we are not bound by this feedback; it is only one of the many factors we consider as we make changes.

  • After initial programming finishes, several people who are familiar with the Site test the new additions and improvements. In some cases, some or all Admins are asked for more feedback in specific areas of the new/changed system. Then, final adjustments are made to the system.

  • During the last stages of finalizing the system, and in an advanced level of beta testing, the system is put up live to test it with the whole Site, and by remote actual users of the Site. This is when all Members start seeing the new additions.

  • In the final stages, the system is documented and announcements are prepared and posted in Club, News, and Help Section.

Dealing with Changes

  • For as long as we have been developing and improving the Eliters Site we have seen rejections of, and objections to, every change we have made. We consider this to be a normal thing for many reasons:
    • Resisting change is a natural human behavior.
    • Change requires effort by individuals: they must learn and adjust.
    • Change sometimes results in changing a situation that was previously more beneficial to some people.
    • Some people like to challenge everything in a positive way, to see if it can be made better.
    • Some people just like to object negatively to anything.
  • In any case, sometimes rejections or objections prove to have validity, so they serve the purpose of adjusting and fine-tuning the new system.

  • Please help us in developing and introducing changes to Eliters:
    • Be patient, and wait for the announcement of the change, do not “jump the gun” or spread rumors and speculation.
    • If asked about forthcoming changes by others, simply reply: “an official, detailed explanation of the new system will be released soon”.
    • Read the detailed explanation of the new system in the News and Help Section, and understand it, before objecting or rejecting it.
    • In the event you do have an objection, please submit it positively and with details; by submitting a Ticket using the Category Suggestions.
    • Give all changes a chance. We have in the past removed changes to both rules and system when they proved ineffective or overwhelmingly unpopular, but we need time to evaluate before we take this step.

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