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Eliters is a Fun and Family League, No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering.
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What are the benefits of Premium Membership? Last Update: 12/21/2015

  • Premium Members will be identified on all Site Stats, Clubs Messages, and Profiles.
  • Premium Members will be included in the active players list if they have played:
    • Silver within the last 3 Days
    • Gold within the last 7 Days
    • Platinum within the last 14 Days
    • Diamond within the last 30 Days.
  • Premium Members will receive the following Entry YEPs on subscription:
    • Silver - 1,250 YEPs (except in the case of transfer from other Premium Memberships at their expiration)
    • Gold – 3 Months - 200 YEPs
    • Gold – 6 Months - 1,000 YEPs
    • Gold – 12 Months - 2,000 YEPs
    • Platinum – 1 Month - 300 YEPs
    • Platinum – 3 Months - 1,000 YEPs
    • Platinum – 6 Months - 2,000 YEPs
    • Platinum – 12 Months - 5,000 YEPs
    • Diamond – 1 Month - 600 YEPs
    • Diamond – 3 Months - 3,000 YEPs
    • Diamond – 6 Months - 5,000 YEPs
    • Diamond – 12 Months - 10,000 YEPs.

Premium Membership earned as an Event Bonus shall not receive any entry YEPs.

  • Premium Members will be eligible to receive Referral Bonuses for every New Member introduced by them. Gold Plus Premium Members will get double the Bonus.
  • Premium Members will get Activity Bonus for every Tourney played as follows:
    • Silver Members 2 YEPs
    • Gold Members 4 YEPs
    • Platinum Members 6 YEPs
    • Diamond Members 8 YEPs.
  • TOC, Bounty, BCT, PAT, ELIC, Decathlon and Olympics Events Bonuses awarded to Gold Plus Premium Members will be increased using a Multiplier as follows:
    • Gold Members x2
    • Platinum Members x3
    • Diamond Members x4
  • Premium Members who choose not to renew their Membership will automatically be transferred at the expiration of their Membership to a Special Guest Membership "Bronze" valid for 6 years.
  • Premium Members will be able to participate in Invitational Tourneys restricted to Premium Members such as TOC, ELIC and Olympics.
  • Premium Members will be able to invite other Premium Members to play Mini-Tourneys and Challenges.
  • Gold, Platinum and Diamond Members will be able to participate in Premium Tourneys restricted to "Gold Plus" Premium Members.
  • Premium Members will be able to create their own Profile; They may share personal details and a photograph of with other Premium Members.
  • Premium Members will be able to view and post messages in the Eliters Clubs.
  • Premium Members will be able to see detailed logs for their Matches, Tourneys, and YEPs:
    • Silver for last Week
    • Gold for last 2 Weeks
    • Platinum for last Month
    • Diamond for last Month.
  • Gold Plus Members will have access to their Complete Rating, Matches, and Tourney Records.
  • Gold Plus Members will be able to see P2P Stats of their Match Results against each Player.
  • Gold Plus Members will be eligible to Transfer YEPs to other Members, with certain conditions,  as follows:
    - up to 1000 YEPs Monthly for Gold Members.
    - up to 2000 YEPs Monthly for Platinum Members.
    - up to 5000 YEPs Monthly for Diamond Members.
  • Premium Members (Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond) will never be purged for inactivity and, so long as they continue to maintain their Premium Membership, they will have their complete stats available to be reinstated as soon as they become active again.
  • Premium Members will receive priority support from Eliters; if they use the Ticket System:
    • Silver within 72 Hours
    • Gold within 48 Hours
    • Platinum within 24 Hours
    • Diamond within 12 Hours.

Eliters reserves the right to cancel or modify any of these benefits at any time without prior notice or authorization. The current rules will always be found on this page. 

For detailed benefits comparison please refer to Premium Membership Benefits Comparison.

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