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Badges Last Update: 4/25/2011


Badges are awarded to Members based on a their achievements as Player or Staff. Badges are small graphical presentation of these achievements to be shown against your ID in Public areas such as:

  • Tourney Registration and Standings.
  • Players and Staff Stats and Lists.
  • Club Messages.
  • Each Member Profile.

Badges are Classified under 3 Main Categories:

  • Players Badges: Includes all Badges awarded to a Player for Eliters Wide or League Specific achievement.
  • Staff Badges: Includes all Badges awarded to a Staff for Eliters Wide or League Specific achievement.
  • Games Badges: Includes all Badges awarded to a Player for a Specific Game Competition or Challenge.

The Games Badges Category will be mainly supplied with Badges, based on Leagues suggestions for new Competitions and Challenges. It is expected that at least 2 new Badges will be announced monthly for this Category. The Badges in this Category might be reused by the same Game and all Leagues several times during the year.

Badges are available to all Members; Guests and Premium. However, to be able to select a Badge and have it show on Tourney and other pages, the Member needs to have a Profile, and as Guests do not have the Profile feature, accordingly they will not be able to have the Badges shown anywhere until they become Premium. As soon as a Guest buys the first Premium Membership All earned Badges will show on their Profile.

Warning: The Badges shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Eliters.com. Some of the images used are copyrighted and protected by other parties; Eliters is authorized to use them internally and not to be redistributed or sold. Therefore, please never copy or use these Badges or part thereof in any personal or public site.

Badges Album

A complete Album of all Badges can be found at http://www.eliters.com/badges/default.asp

Badges are presented in the following main Albums:

  • Players - Main Badges; includes all Badges awarded to Players for their Life Time and Weekly Achievements including Events.
  • Players - Hot Badges; includes all Badges awarded to Players for Playing and winning Hot Matches and Tourneys.
  • Players - Other Badges; includes all Badges awarded to Players for participating and winning the Seasons and Holiday Badges.
  • Staff: Includes all Badges awarded to a Staff for Eliters Wide or League Specific achievement.
  • Games: Includes all Badges awarded to a Player for a Specific Game Competition or Challenge. This Category is subdivided into Specific Album for each Game.

For each badge the Album will show:

  • The full badge image in 100x100 pixels.
  • The Badge image that will be used in all site pages in 20x20 pixels.
  • The Badge Title.
  • The Badge Description and Award Conditions.

Badges Awarding

Eliters Wide Badges will be awarded once to Members.

League Badges may be awarded several times for the same Member if the achievement is attained in Multiple Leagues, but once per league.

Badges will be awarded as follows:

  • Weekly Achievement Badges will be awarded on Next Sunday.
  • Monthly Achievement Badges will be awarded the 1st Day of Next Month, for achievements during the previous Month.
  • Birthday and Anniversary Badges are awarded the Following Day.
  • Ongoing Challenge Badges will be awarded within one hour on the Same Day.
  • Top Achievers Challenge Badges will be awarded on Next Sunday. 
  • Events Badges are awarded as soon as Event is Finished.

Badges on the Profile

Badges will appear in the Member's Profile under a new Tab "Badges".

The Badges on the Profile are split in 2 lines; one for Ongoing Badges, and the other is for Occasional Badges.

Members should select a Default Badge to appear against his/her ID; for details on how to Edit and Select the Default Badges please refer to Members Profiles.

Members will be able to select or change the Default Badge in any of the above Categories, using the Edit My Profile Link on the Profile Page. The Default Badges will appear on the following pages:

  • Club Messages
  • Tourney Pages
  • Tourney Admin Pages.

On Mouseover any Badge a Pop Up will show the full Badge Image as well as the Award Criteria.

Badges Calendar

You can check the Past, Current and Ongoing Badges Calendar under the Events Tab at http://www.eliters.com/games/main/badges.asp.

The Calendar includes the following information on each Badge:

  • Starting and Ending Dates (for Current Badges)
  • Small Badge Image
  • Leagues awarding the Badge, this could be: Eliters, All Leagues, or a Specific League
  • Badge Title
  • Link to Badge Standings for the Current Badges
  • When the Badge is Awarded.

Also a Link to the Current and Ongoing Badges is included on the left Main Menu under PREMIUM. 

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