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Eliters is a Fun and Family League, No Gambling, Betting, or Wagering.
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Clubs Rules Last Update: 3/7/2012


We encourage free and open discussion of any and all Eliters-related issues, and we welcome “social” communication up to a point, as long as the following basic rules are observed:

  • The Clubs are Public Forums and are read by all Members of all ages, races, and religions, so it is important that we maintain certain standards of civility.

  • Please try to be positive, objective, and constructive in all what you post.

  • Open discussion of rules and policies is encouraged, provided that you do NOT directly attack individual Eliters Members/Staff. We request/suggest that criticisms of rules/policies include suggested fixes for the perceived problem/s. Remember that we have a comprehensive Suggestion System; please refer to the Suggestions Help Topic.

  • We welcome ideas, inquiries, concerns and opinions of general interest; as long as they are not including any attack or naming specific person or league.
  • Specific cases, complaints and concerns should never be posted in the Clubs; the proper way to address them is to use the Vote Link (for Players, and the Feedback Link (for TDs) available on all Tourneys pages, or by submitting a Ticket. Don't forget to attach all supporting documents including screen shots.

In general we encourage any and all social interaction in the clubs; joke threads, personal stories, poetry, comments on current affairs, you name it, subject to the following rules:

  • Always use the appropriate General, League, or Group Club; any Message posted in the wrong Club will either be deleted or moved to the proper Club.

  • Remember to include the Author and the Source of any story or song or poem you post in the Clubs. The rights to intellectual property is a delicate issue and we do wish to acknowledge the owners of any such property. Any song, poem, or story which does not include proper acknowledgment (including seasonal/holiday stuff) will be deleted.

  • Posts attacking another member or staffer personally will be deleted.

  • Posts that contain racism or any other form of bigotry will be deleted.

  • Posts that contain foul language will be deleted. There is a gray area here; we generally will not delete posts that say "damn" or "hell", for example; please use common sense.

  • Posts that contain either advertising or solicitation will be deleted. This includes posts naming competition sites or their link, or posts advertising for any product or service not offered by Eliters, or posts designed to seek "donations" of money or YEPs from other members.

  • Posts that contain links to a third party sites will be deleted. This is a security measure and to protect our Members from malicious sites.

  • While we do not specifically prohibit discussions of touchy subjects such as politics or religion, we ask that you be aware that these discussions can easily get out of hand. If necessary we will remove ANY thread that gets out of control and bring it to a halt.

  • Messages or threads deviating from the original subject, or turning to a futile debate, or discussing any unrelated matter to the specific Club, will be deleted without notice or justification.

  • All replies to any deleted message will be automatically deleted.

  • Non-conforming posts will be deleted, without explanation or prior notice.

The League Administrators (for their League’s Clubs), the Group Administrators (for their Group’s Clubs), the Clubs Director, the VP Member Relations, and the President (for all Eliters Clubs) have the full authority at their own discretion, to delete or keep any message.

Once a post is deleted; all replies to that message are automatically deleted with it. 

The above-authorized persons are not under any obligation to give any prior notice or to justify why a message was deleted or retained.

Repeated violations of these policies by any individual will draw a warning email. Continued violations after this warning may result in the individual responsible being banned from Eliters Clubs, and any further offense will result in the person being banned from Eliters.

For examples of specific types of unacceptable posts, see next Help Topic Categories of Unacceptable Clubs Posts.

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